Reflection and Social Media Communication

Posted: 19th May 2015

Rainy days and feeling cozy

WiRE Member Rebekah Harriman shares her thoughts on the importance of reflection in Social Media Communication

On Rainy DaysWe’re having April showers in May. I’m sat at my desk and staring out of my window at the growing garden, all that green being buffeted by the wind when I’m inside all cozy with my steaming mug of tea. Sat at my computer, chatting to other women business owners all around the world, I realise why I just love days like these. Although not the bits that involve me going out in it on the school run for example, but the dash down the garden to collect the eggs from my hens is still fun!

I love what they help flourish. My garden, full of fledgling plants  and my ability to sit and reflect on them and my business from my comfy office chair.

It reminds me of times that I have felt buffeted by all the noise on my social networks, when people have disagreed with my take on social marketing, when I’ve felt my voice was drowned and whipped away into the ether by the wind of the internet! All those times I’ve nearly quit, because a regular pay check and paid holiday and sick leave look very attractive. But it is in times like these that I always remember the amazing experiences and clients I have had and get to work with – as well as all those reports that I hated writing!

These times have fed my determination to succeed and I found new ways to get my voice heard and help my clients do the same online. I learned to hold to my opinions.

Being cozy and feeling safe gives us a valuable opportunity to remind ourselves that we need to step back from things sometimes and reflect on where we are, where we want to go and grow and what needs improving in our businesses. For me this comes back to “am I communicating my message as well as I would like? Are my readers interested in what I’m writing about – I must remember to ask them! and Am I allowing others to shine in their own way by being an example of breaking the mold a bit?”. I’m not certain the answer to all these things is yes! I’ve neglected my own blog as I get busier with clients, but I love writing on here so this is my promise to get back to it.

The writing style has been feeling not very me and a bit too businessy for me to love writing, I’ll be addressing that from my own mindset shift perspective. And do let me know which posts you enjoy, what you;d like me to write about etc – this is your space, for you to learn and have a bot of fun as well!

So next time you catch yourself staring out of the window on a rainy day, allow your day dreams to be reflections on how you are communicating your message and what you would like to give more attention to.

And remember to let me know what you want to know more about and like hearing from me in the comments below :)