Quick Divorce? Why you should consider Collaborative Family Procedure

Posted: 10th July 2017


By: Helen Jackson

Clients often tell us that they want to get divorced as quickly as possible, but with the best will in the world, the experience of many couples is that it takes several months, sometimes even longer.

For most, the delay will not be the divorce procedure itself, which could be completed in five months, but sorting out all the other “stuff”,  most importantly financial arrangements and children can take much longer.  Most will be advised not to finalise the divorce until the financial settlement is sorted, and many will be surprised at how long this can take.

For most, Collaborative Procedure really does offer the best chance of sorting everything out quickly because:

  • instead of waiting for letters and documents to be sent to solicitors and having separate meetings with your solicitors, you, your partner and both solicitors do everything together around the table;you can start the process as soon as the four of you can meet, and if you prepare for the meeting you really can achieve in one morning or one afternoon what would take months if you did this in the conventional way;
  • you don’t have to wait for Court dates;
  • you don’t have to see a mediator before you get started as you would in Court proceedings;
  • on the basis that two heads are better than one, four are even better;
  • you will be able to brainstorm any difficulties that might otherwise take up valuable time.
  • In most cases collaborative procedure will cost you less than the alternatives so there will be less risk of lack of funds putting a break on your plans.
  • Collaborative Lawyers are all experienced family law specialists and members of Resolution which means that they  can be expected be more effective than less well qualified colleagues


For more information about what Collaborative Procedure can do you for you, make an appointment to see  one of the county’s most experienced collaborative family lawyers, Helen jackson for free on 01785 213234.