Perfect your Elevator Pitch

Posted: 19th May 2014

An elevator pitch is a 20-30 second verbal summary of what your company does. It must be clear and succinct and should encourage the listener to want to learn more. Here’s what to include:

  1. Explain what your business does. Give an example of a problem your customers have and how you solve it.
  2. Say what makes your company unique (your Unique Selling Proposition).
  3. Ask your audience an open-ended question to engage them in a conversation.

Then put it all together and practise it.

Here is a fictitious example of an elevator pitch:

“My company designs and manufacturers lightweight sportswear for athletes. Athletes need to know that the sportswear they choose will not let them down – particularly in competitions. For this reason, we ask some of the top athletes in the country to test our prototype sportswear for us. Only when they are completely satisfied with its performance, will we manufacture it. Can you guess what our top-selling item of clothing is?”

Your friend in business – Rachel

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