PART 2 – Accepting Graphic design

Posted: 22nd May 2017

PART 2 – Accepting Graphic design

Article 2 of 3

PART 2 : Accepting Graphic Design.

I am Linda Wild – Wild Ideas original graphic design, and I am pleased to have been invited to write a 3 part series to help you appreciate the benefits of professional graphic design for your business.

So last time I helped you get to grips with what graphic design is and most small businesses do have some kind of logo and a stock business card, and a template website page . . .

But there are some start-up companies who haven’t even got these fundamental items.
Why do you need graphic design?

Well how on earth is anyone going to know you even exist without these simple basics?

And if you are serious about getting ahead of the competition, and not wasting any time, then use a graphic designer right from the off.

To be perfectly frank and honest – against my better judgement – you can get by without using a professional designer. I have seen successful businesses with pretty bad logos, and shamefully unprofessional business cards and flyers, but it depends predominantly on who they are marketing to, and if they have a salesperson who can flog ice to the Eskimos.

It also depends how you feel about how your business is perceived by others, and if there is a detrimental affect to your business, if potential clients don’t take you seriously, because your branding looks like your dog did it!

If the end user is Mr General Public (who has no clue on design either) and the product, for example is a high demand item like a childrens party entertainment or a bouncy castle hire, then good service at the right price, may be enough, and lots of word of mouth, as well as that salesperson who can flog ice to the Eskimos.

However, your brand will always be “DIY” and to the trained eye and look “home-made” and be obvious that you did it yourself.

So particularly if your end user is another business, and you want to present a professional image, then DIY branding is really a no-go area.

Aside all of that, it will probably take you endless hours, that are worth more value to you working in your business.

Now if you read last months article – and kept it for future reference – you will know that all the big companies employ graphic designers, so that demonstrates the need.

Well, it is true that there are plenty of online “assistants” to help you with your “graphic design” tasks.

And the internet has completely spoiled us with its immediacy and infinite availability to absolutely anything and everything, allowing our “inner expert” to shine through

Then there are those Hollywood movies that demonstrate how you can safely land a burning aeroplane, with only your self belief and a verbal instruction from the tower to guide you . . . .

Come on . . . . really? Its just a movie.

So it boils down to how realistic you can be, how objective you are, or maybe how stubborn.

Or perhaps you are one of these people who needs to have a go, to prove yourself right, and then wrong.

While anyone with a computer and ‘word art’ can indeed type some words on a sheet of paper, and put an image next to it then add their contact details, and even a QR code (with an online generator).

Then finally work out how to save it as a print ready PDF and upload it to the online printer.

What is it going to look like?

It might be OK, but it will be amateurish, at best it could be fairly good (if you are naturally creative).

Of course you will be biased, because you are so proud of your masterpiece that took you 3 days solid, maybe even 3 weeks, and you never thought you could do it.

You should be proud, you worked hard and you achieved something. . . BUT

My 8 year old son works hard for his teacher, but invariably, he ends up with completely the wrong thing that does not answer the original brief and fails to deliver the point.

You probably can create a poster or a flyer but only a graphic designer can create a Poster with punch, a Calendar with class and Wedding Stationery with a wow.

Does your flyer pack enough punch to be engaging and powerful, and grab enough attention to pass the 3 second glance test, as it falls from the pages of the free paper on its way to the recycling bin?

Ooops no, in the bin it goes!

Companies on the internet provide stock designs and royalty free images for you to ‘use’, but everyone else before you will have used them. It can be costly, time consuming and open to many errors if you don’t have the skill and knowledge.

A successful graphic design, comes from the services of a proficient designer, whose ability comes from years of accumulated knowledge and experience, that adds value to your project.

From a relevant quote I found online. . . .“you can’t replace the 10,000 hours it takes to be a master”

They instinctively understand what images, colours, content, typesize and font choice to use, spacing the text to punctuate and read easily, to make your promotional message clear and to leave blank space for the layout to gain impact.Ultimately making a great design that works ON your business to get you noticed.
So your time is free to work IN your business focusing on delivering results to your clients.

So do you think its worth doing it yourself now ?

Well if you still think so – then have a go and prove me wrong – you are respectfully entitled to your opinion.

And those of you who “get it, and are ready to get on” can look forward to reading part 3.

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Thanks for reading

Linda Wild

Wild Ideas original graphic design.