PART 1 – Understanding Graphic design

Posted: 22nd May 2017

PART 1 – Understanding Graphic design

I am Linda Wild – Wild Ideas original graphic design, and I am pleased to have been invited to write a 3 part series to help you appreciate the benefits of professional graphic design for your business.



When people ask me what I do, the level of reaction varies from the acknowledgment of understanding right down to questioning blank bewilderment, so this is where I am going to start.

What is graphic design?

The Cambridge online dictionary gave this simple basic definition:
“the art of designing pictures and text for books, magazines, advertising, etc.”

But graphic design is in fact so much more than that . . . . it is all around you throughout your life.

Your toothpaste tube, your shampoo bottle, your deodorant, hairspray and shaving gel – and that’s before you have even got dressed . . . . .

Then there is your box of cornflakes / weetabix / cheerios . . ., your jar of coffee / tea bags, your milk carton . . . and the cover of your current favourite book, your morning newspaper / magazine.

We are bombarded with visual information, images, writing, messages all competing for our attention, shouting out for us to look at them.

Your bus ticket, train timetable, theatre program, shop window poster, tag on those cool new jeans you just bought.

The latest App icon on your smart phone, your boyfriend’s DJ mates business card, the university logo on the headed paper with your conditional offer . . . . .

And what makes you browse one sales leaflet over another, when planning that new bathroom – what makes you phone Acquaheat plumbing instead of Avalon plumbing when both of their respective flyers land on your doormat. . . . .

Are you truly aware of the subconscious messages that are cleverly imparted to you in an expertly created graphic design layout?

OK I hear you say , it’s a load of old boloney . . . well maybe . . . but I think not!

All these everyday items printed with images and information, and laid out to convey a message, is graphic design.

And plenty of people are employed to do all these things and more every day

Graphic design skills are highly sought after, and valued by top companies who truly recognise the value and benefits it will add to their business.

The following is a recent online advertisement for an actual graphic design job, in greater London.

Graphic Designer – High Street Fashion Store

Designer – £35k – £40k – High Street Fashion Retailer – Womenswear
We are currently recruiting for a new graphic designer for our team. You will work in a small, creative and fast paced team across multiple design platforms.

 So pretty highly valued, I think you will agree, on that salary. But quite so because there is a lot of responsibility and skills needed when you read through the job requirements list below . . .


 -In-store graphic design & branding (eg. create all written and in store materials including tickets, posters, advertisements, POS special offers, re-packaging, advertorials, graphics, in store flyers)

-Designing in-store environments

-Window campaigns

-Promotional material

-Category branding

-PR events

-Marketing communication and literature

-Artworking – Ensuring concepts are print production ready.

-Experience in print processes is important.

-Work effectively with external agencies

-Regular presentations to senior management

-Produce concepts in line with the brand image on for example, seasonal campaigns (Christmas, Valentines day etc), the flagship store launch, press packs and account card events

-Update the look and content of the Internet

-Regularly present ideas to Senior Management

So there is creative skill in graphic design, and my own personal detailed definition . . .

Graphic Design is:

The art of combining text, pictures and patterns in an attractive, visual presentation that establishes your relevance and credibility by communicating the right message to the right people. By presenting a polished appearance you increase the perception of the value of your products or services and create a lasting impression.

The businesses that employ graphic designers know, that a great design will work hard for their business, establishing their brand, building their reputation and communicating their messages.

Apple, Nike, BT, Next, Boots, Wilkinsons, Home Bargains, Primark – these companies will all use (and even employ their own) graphic designers, to create . . . .
Business cards, Banners, Branding, Calendars, Compliment slips, Logos, Flyers, Invitations, Letterheads, Menus, Promotions, Posters, Stationery, Service sheets, Signage, Tickets, Vouchers, Posters, Apps, Email campaigns, Websites.

So is it a load of old boloney now ?

Well if you still think so – maybe there’s no hope – but you are respectfully entitled to your opinion.

And those of you who “get it” can look forward to reading part 2.

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