WiRE Members share their top tips and tricks

Five Steps For Better Connections

Posted: 13th May 2019

5 steps for better connections It’s been four months now since I set up my coaching and consultancy business. Having been in ‘safe’ employment for the past 28 years, it…

Work/Life Harmony – Making it Happen – All year and staycations

Posted: 10th May 2019

As I was walking my dog in the woods this morning, protecting her from a bird of prey and taking in the beauty of the autumn leaves (I know it’s…

Take a Break and Boost Your Business

Posted: 8th May 2019

By: Sandra Garlick MBE

Quite often we are so engrossed working ‘in‘ and ‘on‘ our business that we forget about ourselves. Whether you work alone or with others, you still need to take time…

Grief – the loss of a loved one

Posted: 23rd April 2019

By: Tracey Nixon

Grief and Loss Of all the trials we face in life, the loss of a loved one may be one of the hardest to endure, much less overcome. During these…

Supporting Your Dyslexic Teenager Through Exams

Posted: 8th April 2019

By: Susan Hall

Are revision and exams causing YOU, the parent of a dyslexic child, sleepless nights? Do you have a dis-organised teenager, with notes everywhere, no revision plan, minimal evidence of revision…

Moving To Secondary School With Dyslexia – Supporting Your Child

Posted: 6th April 2019

By: Susan Hall

The transition from primary school to secondary school is a big step in your child’s education.  Moving from being a big fish in a little pond to a little fish…

Raise Your Profile and Power Up Your Personal Brand

Posted: 25th February 2019

By: Sandra Garlick MBE

When you start your business or advance your career, it’s likely that the last thing on your mind is raising your personal brand, unless the business is all about you. …

How to stay positive when surrounded by negativity – Part 1

Posted: 25th February 2019

By: Tracey Nixon

It is often said you become the person you surround yourself with. In the workplace and with people we love and care about, we are surrounded by people who appear…

What does your Online Headshot say about you?

Posted: 19th February 2019

By: Sandra Garlick MBE

Social Media is a powerful and successful tool to enhance your networking. I have gained new clients, made new contacts and used the platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and…

Small Business HR Insights for 2019

Posted: 11th February 2019

Here is a summary of important areas likely to impact HR and employment within small businesses. Brexit It will be important to equip managers and employees with the skills and…