WiRE Members share their top tips and tricks

Sponsorship – How to Showcase your Business

Posted: 27th June 2016

By: Kim Gilmour

If you are involved in any sort of charity, voluntary work or put on events you will know all about trying to get sponsorship to boost those all-important funds. Identifying…

Parenting after Separation & How to choose Divorce or Family Lawyer

Posted: 27th June 2016

By: Helen Jackson

Helen Jackson 1st Solicitors This is a great Survival guide to Parenting. Well worth printing and re-reading Changes to legal aid mean that most people cannot get free or subsidised…

Sell with your heart & be successful

Posted: 21st June 2016

By: Julie Roman

The word ‘sales’ can often fill people with terror, yet it is the traditional concept of selling that most people associate with. However, we are all salespeople – we sell…

‘What if’ and ‘should’ – words that can get in the way

Posted: 20th June 2016

By: Tracey Nixon

After delivering this morning’s workshop, entitled The Benefits of Meditation, I was partly disappointed that the sun was shining. I wanted to get on with some admin which I knew…

Sandwich Generation

Posted: 6th June 2016

By: Kay Heald

So who are the Sandwich Generation? They are employees and workers who are ‘sandwiched’ between caring for ageing parents and their own children. Carol Abaya, a recognised expert on eldercare,…

Boring CV? Here are six steps to liven up your CV and get you noticed.

Posted: 31st May 2016

By: Judith Poulteney

Far too many CVs lack personality, verve and vitality.  Use these six steps to inject liveliness and enthusiasm into your CV and grab the attention of employers. Layout: Clutter is…

How To Succeed In Pinterest For Business – By Head of Pinterest UK (Via The Ink Gardener)

Posted: 25th May 2016

Many thanks to Helen Reynolds from The Ink Gardener for letting us feature this great blog about Pinterest for Business Last week I was lucky enough to attend Buy Yorkshire…

Show The World You have Confidence In Your Business

Posted: 25th May 2016

It takes lots of self-confidence or courage to launch your own business and stick with it when the going gets tough. Yes, there will be tough times – no matter…

Speak up and stand out! – How public speaking can ellevate you and your business.

Posted: 23rd May 2016

By: Aly Harrold

Sometimes it is easier to blend in and be one of many than to stand out. Standing out can make us feel vulnerable. However standing out will give us the…

PR ‘Facts and Fiction’ Seven Steps to PR Success!

Posted: 11th May 2016

PR is hard to define; it does not fit into a little box.  Some say it is all about brand awareness, and to a large extent this is true.   But…