WiRE Members share their top tips and tricks

Top Tips to Promote your Events

Posted: 7th November 2016

By: Kim Gilmour

Years ago, to promote my Charity Dinner I would drive around with posters pinning them to notice boards and leaving them in receptions of local companies. Today things are so…

5 Ways To Demonstrate You Have Confidence In Your Business

Posted: 7th November 2016

By: Liz Tucker

Whether you run a multi-million pound corporation or a micro company you need to demonstrate confidence. Customers and staff alike, expect this of you. If you don’t demonstrate confidence as…

Don’t miss the Tax Return Deadline – 31st January 2017

Posted: 7th November 2016

By: Marie Beg

If you’re thinking that there’s only 7 weeks until Christmas, remember that means that there’s only 12 weeks until the Self Assessment Tax Return deadline! H M Revenue & Customs…

How Coaching Works to Help You and Your Business…

Posted: 1st November 2016

By: Karen Fleming

Every discipline has its own mysteries, its own conventions, its own language, known only to those who choose to immerse themselves within: doctors, nutritionists, builders, coaches. While language can serve…

Tips for Overcoming Your Fear of Public Speaking

Posted: 31st October 2016

By: Sandra Garlick MBE

Standing up for the first time in front of other business owners or an audience can be a daunting prospect. However, these tips may help you overcome that fear. Remember…It’s…

Why you need to use images in blog posts and social media posts online…

Posted: 25th October 2016

Did you know our brain processes images more quickly than words and it can decide in a second or so whether something is worth reading? Given the never ending stream…

Social Media: It’s All In Your Profile

Posted: 25th October 2016

By: Cheryl Turner

Anyone who has attended one of my social media workshops, or had some 1-2-1 coaching from me, will know that I am absolutely passionate about social media profiles and the…

Long Hours Work Culture

Posted: 24th October 2016

By: Kay Heald

A Long Hours Work Culture is well established in many small businesses The way we communicate and ‘stay connected’ has been blurring the lines between work, rest and play and adding to…

The Introverts’ Guide to Social Media

Posted: 17th October 2016

By: Louise Dillon

Last week, there was a photo of Hillary Clinton, taken by Barbara Kinney, that was shared of 8,000 times on Twitter.  It showed the crowd turning its back on her,…

Sorting out finances on divorce

Posted: 11th October 2016

By: Helen Jackson

The Family Justice Council has issued guidance for litigants in person. With Legal aid no longer available to most people, even those on very low incomes, more & people have…