WiRE Members share their top tips and tricks

Tourism Business – Tripadvisor isn’t the only tool in the marketing box…

Posted: 4th October 2017

By: Sharon Earp

Remember to utilise and get to know our valuable national tourism board;  VisitEngland and VisitBritain. Choice, choice, choice! With the rise in glamping destinations in England it can often be…

The birth of glamping

Posted: 4th October 2017

By: Sharon Earp

Glamping is not a new phenomenon, but one influenced by the past. During the 1920’s African safari’s and expedition camps of the colonial era were widespread, early explorers carried with…

Public Speaking – To Use Notes or Not To Use Notes? That is the question!

Posted: 13th September 2017

Last week I had the great honour of being present when one of my clients was presented with a business award. It was a thrilling moment and the award will…

How to rank well on Google in 2017

Posted: 11th September 2017

By: WiRE Team

Helen is a long-standing WiRE member and in fact, her company Ascendancy Internet Marketing, designed and manages the WiRE UK website. Helen’s business has grown from the days when she…

One Step To A More Positive You

Posted: 11th September 2017

By: Carolyn Trafford

Well Autumn has arrived and rather suddenly it feels that way.  One minute we seemed to have glorious sunshine and the next those beautiful misty mornings.  I rather like Autumn…

How a Virtual Assistant can help you grow your business.

Posted: 11th September 2017

When you’re trying to grow your business, sometimes its the little things that get left behind.  Maybe you don’t have time to read all your emails, and sales queries or…

Are you up to speed with GDPR?

Posted: 11th September 2017

I’ve been looking at GDPR from an employment perspective for a number of my clients. I hope you will find the following information useful: What is the General Data Protection…

How to get over those post-holiday blues!

Posted: 11th September 2017

By: Clara Wilcox

Do feel like your work motivation disappeared with the sun tan? Post-holiday blues are a real thing. The weeks in the run up seem to drag, whilst the actual break…

How to Optimise Images for the Web

Posted: 6th September 2017

By: Tosca Lahiri

How to optimise images for the web is a practical, step by step guide to fine-tuning your blog posts to keep your readers, and Google, happy. Images on your website…


Posted: 6th September 2017

Without Creativity, our businesses won’t survive: It’s fair to say that creativity sometimes eludes all of us … especially when the day-to-day gears of running a business must still stay in…