WiRE Members share their top tips and tricks

Should Public Speaking Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy?

Posted: 23rd October 2017

By: Aly Harrold

There is no doubt that if YOU are your business brand, YOU also need to be the voice of your business. Speaking is such a powerful marketing tool and can…

The Stories We Tell Ourselves from Practicallyslim Newsletter

Posted: 23rd October 2017

By: Teresa Bellmaine

The Stories We Tell Ourselves As humans we often make sense of our lives by telling ourselves stories. It starts very early and we yearn to find the handsome prince…

How cyber-secure are your staff?

Posted: 16th October 2017

By: Helen Astill

You may have put all your firewalls and spam filters in place and had your cyber security review sorted, and ticked that off your “To do” list, but that is…

Referrals – why you should ask for them and how to do that

Posted: 16th October 2017

By Jan Cavelle The easiest way to meet someone new socially is for a friend to tell someone else how great you are and introduce you.  You are likely to…

Vaguebooking? Please Stop It. Now!

Posted: 16th October 2017

By: Cheryl Turner

For many years now I’ve held a pet peeve, primarily with Facebook although it does pop up on other social networks from time to time.  So, imagine my sheer joy…

What’s Stopping You….. From doing the stuff you really want to do?

Posted: 11th October 2017

By: Carolyn Trafford

12 months ago I sat staring blankly at the lecturer stood in front of me.  A lovely lady, knowledgeable both in the subject of art and in her ability to…

Tourism Business – Tripadvisor isn’t the only tool in the marketing box…

Posted: 4th October 2017

By: Sharon Earp

Remember to utilise and get to know our valuable national tourism board;  VisitEngland and VisitBritain. Choice, choice, choice! With the rise in glamping destinations in England it can often be…

The birth of glamping

Posted: 4th October 2017

By: Sharon Earp

Glamping is not a new phenomenon, but one influenced by the past. During the 1920’s African safari’s and expedition camps of the colonial era were widespread, early explorers carried with…

Public Speaking – To Use Notes or Not To Use Notes? That is the question!

Posted: 13th September 2017

By: Aly Harrold

Last week I had the great honour of being present when one of my clients was presented with a business award. It was a thrilling moment and the award will…

How to rank well on Google in 2017

Posted: 11th September 2017

Helen is a long-standing WiRE member and in fact, her company Ascendancy Internet Marketing, designed and manages the WiRE UK website. Helen’s business has grown from the days when she…