WiRE Members share their top tips and tricks

Common food safety mistakes made by a growing food and drink business.

Posted: 12th December 2017

You have a food and drink business producing brilliant products and this is the year to grow. You have identified the people in your target marketplaces (such as retailers) and…

Six reasons to shop small and local

Posted: 12th December 2017

The UK’s annual Small Business Saturday has been and gone, but that’s no reason to stop shopping locally. Small businesses and the self-employed are crucial to the local economy –…

When a Home Becomes a House

Posted: 5th December 2017

By: Denise Cable

Ten Steps to Staging Your House To Sell How your home is presented for sale can have a massive influence on how quickly it sells and for what price. How you…

How Disability Confident Are You?

Posted: 4th December 2017

By: Kay Heald

Did you know that almost a fifth of the working age population is disabled and the vast majority of these people develop their conditions or impairments during their working lives.…

Websites matter – what to look for when developing yours

Posted: 29th November 2017

By: Louisa Stewart

In today’s instant information society, we expect to be able to find business websites easily and conveniently. Gone are the days of dial-up and £££ website builds. You can put…

I’ll Be Home for Christmas: A cunning social media plan for the festive season

Posted: 29th November 2017

The festive season is well and truly upon us, and feeds are awash with Christmas activity and festive promotions.  When it comes to social media Christmas can provide some headaches.…

Think about how you really want to be remembered.

Posted: 29th November 2017

By: Carole Renshaw

Well Christmas beckons and the New Year faces us just around the corner For many women in business this can be the busiest time of the year.  For others, it’s…

4 Quick Tips to Reduce Stress and Stop Anxiety

Posted: 29th November 2017

By: Helen Wyer

At Christmas time we so often put ourselves under immense pressure from the build-up of the season to the actual day itself.   Stress and anxiety can creep up on us…

Doing yoga to feel better and other innocent mistakes

Posted: 27th November 2017

By: Juliet Fay

I do a bit of yoga now and then. At the first sense of tightness in a muscle, my whole system used to click into ‘this isn’t how it should…

Bah the HR Humbug!

Posted: 22nd November 2017

By: Helen Astill

As we approach the festive season, you will probably find stories doing the rounds on social media about those strict people in HR who will not let people enjoy themselves…