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How awards can promote your business

Posted: 5th February 2018

By: Louisa Stewart

Happy New Year to you all. It’s well past that point, but let’s start the year on a positive. If you weren’t aware, I won VA of the Year Scotland 2017…

Visions, Missions, USP’s, KSP’s and VP’s – not just empty catch phrases

Posted: 31st January 2018

By: WiRE Team

By Jan Cavelle At a first glance, your vision and mission statements may not seem a fit with the rest of the sales and marketing acronyms.  We all know that…

5 Signs your elderly parents are struggling to cope

Posted: 29th January 2018

By: June Stephenson

Winter can be a cold and dull place for many older people. Even we can find it hard to make and stick to new resolutions, even though we know we’d…

What we can learn from #bloggergate

Posted: 23rd January 2018

By: Megan Allen

A story which caught my attention last week was that of social media influencer, Elle Darby, who was refused a free five-night stay at one of Dublin’s popular hangouts. The White…

How to prepare your dyslexic child for secondary school

Posted: 23rd January 2018

By: Susan Hall

It’s that time of year, secondary school places are being allocated. Moving to secondary school is an exciting transition for many, however if your child has dyslexia, you may be…

What to Consider When Choosing a Secondary School For a Child With Dyslexia

Posted: 23rd January 2018

By: Susan Hall

Deciding which secondary school you would like your child to attend can be a big decision, particularly if your child has dyslexia. If your child has a SpLD, you will…

Top tips for shelf life dates. When should food be thrown away?

Posted: 22nd January 2018

Ever wondered what is the difference between the dates on food? Best Before (BB) and Use By (UB) dates. Are you confused? Have you thrown away more food than you…

How Small Businesses can work with Facebook in 2018

Posted: 17th January 2018

By: WiRE Team

Blog by Megan Allen Rural Roots PR – you can follow the Rural Roots small business blog I am writing this on a day when Facebook has announced what can be perceived as…

Beware Customer Churn at your peril

Posted: 17th January 2018

By: WiRE Team

By Jan Cavelle Sales Coach We all know that keeping customers is a business basic, but we don’t always recognise just how many good reasons are behind this.   Firstly, there is…

Facebook focuses on Personal newsfeeds – Should small businesses stop posting?

Posted: 15th January 2018

In short absolutely not – this is your time to truly shine! These are exciting times for consumers because with all of its flaws Facebook are really at the forefront…