One Step To A More Positive You

Posted: 11th September 2017

One Step To A More Positive You

Well Autumn has arrived and rather suddenly it feels that way.  One minute we seemed to have glorious sunshine and the next those beautiful misty mornings.  I rather like Autumn – at least until I get wet morning dog walks!

With the change in weather has come the succession of other changes.  The schools have gone back, the journey to work has become more difficult and the teachers are grumbling that they are having to go back to work.

It struck me today how easily we focus on the negative aspects and how the knock on effect is a change in our mood. Do you ever find yourself doing this about yourself or your own life.

I learned a technique a few years ago about turning negatives into positives.  It works on the assumption that there’s no such thing as a negative, its just a positive that is out of balance.

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E.g.  If I consider that I rush work sometimes and make mistakes.  We may view this as a negative trait.  Something I might raise in an interview when I am asked what I’m not so good at.  What if I turned this onto its head and state that I have a strong desire to finish things quickly and move onto the next task.  In an interview I might add that this means I do complete work very quickly and I allow extra time for checking my work.  How differently and more positively does this statement come across?

Perhaps today you’ll share with me, what negative thoughts you carry about yourself and how can you turn them around to view yourself more positively.

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