New Google My Business Features

Posted: 9th August 2017

New Google My Business Features

Have you seen the latest up date to Google my Business?

Google my business posts have been around for a couple of weeks now, and I am slowly getting to grips with how it works. I have been testing it out a my own business pages as well as a few clients pages.

This is a separate feature to Google + posting, and of course will be very beneficial to websites, Google rankings etc. As it is a new feature if you start to use the posts, you are likely to be one of only a few doing so in your business sector in your area. A great way to stand out in a crowded market place.

I thought I would give you a brief run through of how to use this new feature firstly via a desk top.

1) Using Google chrome make sure that you are logged into your Google account. From the menu make sure that you select Google My Business.

2)Make sure you have your current location selected.

3) In the menu on the left of your screen you will see the second option down is ‘POSTS’ and it will probably say new right next to it. Click here

4)A box will open ready for you to create your post. Under which previous posts will be shown. Here you can also see how many times your previous posts have been seen.

5) Go ahead and create your post, you only have 300 characters so think carefully about your wording. Make sure that you have a great image too.

6) You can either use this to create an event, but so far I have mainly been adding a button, this allows you to send people exactly where you want them. This could be to your Facebook page, Your bookings page, Treatment details etc.

These posts do have a limited lifespan, but you will be notified when they are about to expire. There seems to be lots of ways to use these new posts, and I ma currently testing out various options. It seems like they might work well for getting traffic to blogs, but also for promoting offers, and sending people to your bookings page.

You can also post to your Google my business page easily from your phone via the Google My Business app.

I am have created a video walkthrough of this, watch the video on my Facebook page here.

Claire x

If you would like to know more about this and other Google features please drop me an email at