What do you need to do differently for your business to grow?

Posted: 3rd January 2017


“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s ending.” (Seneca)

different I love this quote for two very simple reasons. It’s honest. But it’s also realistic! As something new enters our lives or businesses, other areas often diminish or drop off altogether.

Those of us who run our own businesses, know that the strategies we put in place to make them a success, form a web of one long continuous journey. Our ideas change as we experience different things and our confidence grows as we make decisions that help our businesses to develop in the way we really want them to.

But the one thing that struck me as I stepped into 2017 was that as business owners, we can’t do everything no matter how much we’d like to. Sometimes we have to let go of things to create the space for new things. So I’m doing just this as I reshape Sincere Moments.

I’ve made some critical business decisions that will change the way I write and deliver Weddings and Funerals. It’s still business ‘as usual’ but I’ll have the head space to develop my business in a different way now.

So as you continue on your own business journey, let me ask you just one question that should help your thinking.

 “What will you stop doing or need to do differently to allow the space for your business to grow.

It’s not rocket science…….but I guarantee that it’ll make a huge difference for you on a day to day basis!

Carole Renshaw, Civil Celebrant, www.sinceremoments.co.uk, 1st January 2017