My Secret Ingredient For Great Goal Setting

Posted: 9th January 2017

My Secret Ingredient For Great Goal Setting

It’s my job.  I work with goals.  Goals for individuals, goals for teams, goals to lose weight, goals to start and grow businesses.  My moto ” A goal is for ever not just for new year”   despite this I do always dutifully sit down over the Christmas break to consider what I’ve achieved during the previous year.  It’s logical to do so – I have headspace for one thing and a bit of spare time for me.  Its a time to review what the previous year meant for me, memories, achievements, stuff still to do….

No matter how bad a year I celebrate my successes and plan for a great next 12 months.  So many people have commented on what a bad year 2016 was.  The loss of David Bowie early on was followed by a number of seemingly early deaths finishing with George Michael another icon for me.  But are celebrity deaths a good measure of the success of a year?

My 2016 was not outstanding. Yes my greatest achievement for some time was publishing my book – Don’t Just dream It – Achieve It! but it didn’t take all year.  I’ve also taken on an art degree course.  But the rest of the year has been fairly flat.  That doesn’t denote a bad year either.

2016 has been a busy year – and what it lacked was time for me, the making of memories.  Book and degree course aside I achieved nothing new.  Doing something new is what creates memories.  2016 just got so busy I forgot to make time for it.  Becoming self employed 6 years ago was all about the freedom it would create in my life and I allowed business to take over in 2016. So 2017 has to be about regaining that control – a year of making memories.

Hubby and I have agreed that we’re going to have 12 mini adventures.  One a month no matter how small but a time for making memories.

So what’s your secret ingredient?  What will make your 2017 extra special?

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