More than one string to our bow – Julie Cann, JC Bookkeeping Services

Posted: 23rd January 2017


By: Julie Cann

More than one string to our bow – Julie Cann, JC Bookkeeping Services

Our lives can be so focussed around our ‘main’ income stream that we forget that we often have many more unforeseen talents lurking just under the surface.

My main focus has always been running JC Bookkeeping Services and in 2016 I had a ‘Big Push Forward’ and increased my client base by 50%. But I also increased my stress levels and realised that I had to address this problem.

I am fortunate that my neighbour just happens to be an art teacher and started up a new business called Richard Wilks Courses and Clay – teaching Pottery and Sculpture. So along I go for a free-taster session and throw my first pot… My first experience of this was surprising and frustrating… surprising because I found I had a natural flair, and frustrating because just at the end of this fabulous creation I ‘twitched’ and the pot flew off the wheel and across the room!  Much hilarity followed, but I discovered a brand new interest and passion which completely takes me away from the stresses of work.

This was last August and I am now regularly producing new creations and my 2017 goal is to have a display to sell at The Worstead Festival this year.

So, my recommendation is to all business women, take some time out and unleash your hidden talent – you never know it may bring you a second income stream and string to your bow.