Money Blocks – Do you have any?

Posted: 23rd May 2023

Money Blocks – Do you have any?

We all think we are absolutely fine with the money that we have, and that we need no help with how to manage it.

But what if your relationship with money was not how you manage it, and went deeper than that and had deeper ramifications than you might think.

Our attitudes, beliefs and thoughts we hold, can encompass our overall perspective on wealth, abundance, financial decisions and overall relationship with money. Also how our parents where with money will have an affect on how we feel about money too.

How we feel about money can limit us on how much we are comfortable earning, maintaining or even spending.

We all spend differently too, some of us have to spend every penny we earn, some would rather hoard it. Some feel that if the earn loads they can spend loads and still end up skint.

Alternatively you might have lots of money, be earning a good income and have no money worries. Or do you? Do you still have savings, wealth and security?

Until you learn why you spend like you do, why you cannot save and what your money blocks are you will always have a scarcity mindset. 🤑