Mobilegeddon – what it means to your business

Posted: 19th May 2015

Anna Wilde & Andy Corbett from Perfect Arc sum up the changes:

Your website may soon be substantially downgraded  in Google search results if the customer is using a  smartphone. You may have heard about this on the BBC news  – they are calling it Mobilegeddon.

On Tuesday, April 21, Google made a major update to its mobile search algorithm that will start to change the order in which websites are ranked when users search for something from their smartphone. If someone is using a smartphone to search for what you do, sites will start to be flagged-up as ‘not mobile friendly’  and are shown further down in Google results unless Google thinks that your site is mobile-friendly. The fact that you can read your website on your phone doesn’t mean that Google thinks it’s mobile-friendly, you should use Google’s own Mobile Friendly tool to find out what Google thinks of your site.

Increasingly, smartphones are the preferred device for searching for products and services, after all for most people the phone is never out of reach and the good news is that it’s really quick and easy to find out whether Google THINKS your site is mobile-friendly


1) Go here:

2) Type in your website address

3) Wait hopefully

4) See the results – here is what you are hoping to see …

5) if it’s a ‘NO’ then contact your web developer immediately or, of course, us.

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Good luck with the test!

Some facts:

  • Internet use from tablets and smartphones is soaring and people are searching through Google on them
  • People using smartphones and tablets spend more money and buy more stuff than people using laptops and desktop computers
  • The UK leads the rest of the EU in percentage of purchases and transactions which are done online