Mirroring and modelling your ideal client!

Posted: 23rd October 2017

Mirroring and modelling your ideal client!

We can’t be all things to all people.  Not everyone will want our product or service.  So running a successful business is all about knowing who your Ideal Client is and then being smart enough to draw them to you.  It sounds easy.  But it isn’t!

My approach has always been to know my ‘Ideal Client’ inside out.  Here are my Top 3 starting points:

  • What does their decision making timeline look like?  When do they start thinking about your product or service.  Are you on their radar at that critical point.  Do you need to work with other suppliers who are in their sphere of influence, so that you can raise your game.  You should be looking to replicate their journey and be on it with them, long before the transaction happens.
  • Do you understand their language patterns?  By this I don’t mean whether they’re French or Spanish!  But you need to talk about your product or service in exactly the same way that your Ideal Client does.  Cut out the professional jargon and describe what you’re offering in a way they understand – plain and simple English.  
  • Are you hanging around in the same places as your ‘Ideal Client’.  I never went to Wedding Fairs as a Wedding Celebrant because the couples I wanted to work with, wouldn’t have been there.  They were more discerning and sourced their Celebrant independently of any organised event.   Again, it comes back to how your Ideal Client makes their purchasing decisions.  So think through which playing fields you’ll find them on; groups, social media platforms, magazines, radio, TV, networks, blogs, business clubs – then tailor your presence around it all – both face to face and virtually.

It’s all about mirroring and modelling your clients’ behaviours.  Be on their wavelength.  Be as much like them as you can be.  Be their reflection!