Manifesto for Women in Business.

Posted: 2nd December 2014

From the Manifest for Women in Business

In the run-up to General Election 2015, political parties need to take heed of the fastest growing group in the economy: women who run their own business.

There has been a revolution in women’s business ownership.Since 2008 there has been a 30% increase in female self-employment, compared to 7% for men. Women are, for the first time, starting more new enterprises than men; together they delivered most of the new jobs in the UK from 2008 to 2013. Leading commentators, including the Bank of England, believe that this isn’t just a recessionary blip, but more likely a long-term trend in our economy.
This new generation of women business owners is ambitious, socially motivated and digitally engaged. Where there is a level playing field, women-owned firms perform better than those led by men. But lower levels of investment, start-up resources and confidence hold back that potential. To make sure that this new enterprise majority survive, thrive and that more become future wealth creators and employers, women’s business group Prowess Connect is calling on political parties to commit to creating an environment where women in businesses can flourish.
Based on consultation and experience with thousands of female start-ups and business owners, Prowess Connect are calling on the political parties to shape meaningful policies in five areas.

The 5 points are intended as a the focus for Question Time events with policy makes, newspapers, politicians in the run up to the Election. The 5 points are broad areas for discussion, rather than a list of solutions, a useful canvas for discussion of alternative approaches. Printed postcards are available.