Managing Summer Holidays for Separated Parents

Posted: 10th August 2016


By: Helen Jackson

We all look forward to spending some quality time with our children in the school holidays but the 6 weeks go so fast for the children  and for separated parents when Mum and Dad both want to get away the practical problems of juggling the work commitments of each family and both getting some time in the sun can cause friction.

Resolution, the organisation of Family solicitors committed to a constructive child centred approach offers some practical tips

  • Talk to the other parent about your plans. If you disagree, make the best of things and focus on what is best for your children.
  • Plan ahead. How would you like to spend time with your children and what can you do to prepare them for holidays and special occasions?
  • Instead of informing children about plans, talk with them about how they would like to spend time with you.
  • Use a wall chart or diary so children know when they will be seeing each parent.
  • Build in quality time with low-key activities like visiting the park, reading a book together or playing a game. Too many exciting activities can overwhelm children and tire them out.
  • If travelling with the kids, give the other parent contact information and details – you both have a right to know where your children are.
  • Help children maintain consistent contact with the other parent by phone or email. Remember that children may miss their other parent.
  • When your children are with the other parent, use your time to get refreshed. Visit friends, take a class, read a book or enjoy a lazy day.