Making Money Through Affiliate Marketing

Posted: 28th March 2017

Have you ever considered unlocking the potential of your website by making money through affiliate marketing?  More often than not, running your own business means you are an expert in your chosen field, so why not convert your knowledge into actual sales.  Liz Walsh from Topdogdays uses her own experience to provide a few handy hints for those who fancy dipping their toes into this virtual world.

1. Affiliate marketing rewards you for selling or promoting someone else’s product.  This relatively new form of performance based marketing works best for businesses that already have an engaging website, ranking well on google and other search-based sites.

2. Sign up for free with a range of affiliate marketing programmes to fully understand the range of businesses now tapping into this market.

3. Find products & services that fit well within your field of interest linking only to reputable brands that enhance your business image.

4. We’ve found it is better to integrate like-minded products befitting your niche market rather than dilute your message for a quick sale.

5. Take care not to add too many affiliate links into your content as this potentially can have a detrimental effect upon your google ranking.

6. Take a good look at the terms & conditions for each affiliate marketing programme to ensure compliance particularly in regards to google ad word campaigns.

7. You will often find a significant delay between achieving sales and receiving actual payment that can cause cash flow problems.  It can be worth trying to achieve a range of distinct revenue strands that will help you balance the books.

8. Content is King so there is much to be said for original, good quality, engaging content.

Why not explore the possibilities of affiliate marketing for those with an interest in developing their business.