Mailing Lists for your Beauty or Holistic Business

Posted: 15th May 2017


By: Claire Bareja

Mailing Lists for your Beauty or Holistic Business

Your mailing list is a list or clients or potential clients who have agreed to go on a list allowing you to contact them to keep them informed of hints and tips as well as special offers etc. It could be online only communication by email or it could be postal only or you could do a bit of both. I think that this works well sending things by email is quick and easy. We do not receive as many things through the post as we used to, well not nice things anyway. Doing a bit of both would be a great way to be different to others in a similar business to you, a chance to stand out in a crowd. Who doesn’t like ‘Happy Post’?

How can you make the most of your mailing list?

These people have agreed to go on your list, they want to hear from you. You can share lots of different things with them, from relaxation tips to new treatments, what you have been doing recently to special offers. You can share anything that your Ideal Clients will find interesting. It should not be all selling and promotional, there should be a good mix of information with a little promotion.

In general a newsletter should be sent at least once a month, you could send them more often if you have lots of things to share. It is generally easiest to send your newsletter via email, although if you wanted to print it and post it you could.

Ways to use good old Royal Mail. You could target your best clients, your most regular or highest value clients your VIPs and send them some new product samples. Or for new people joining your list you could send them a thank you voucher along with your treatment menu. There are lots of things like this that you can try. You need to always keep in mind what your Ideal Clients might like, what would interest them the most.

Why should I have a Mailing List?

Mailing lists can be used to share lots of important information with your clients. You can use it to promote new treatments and special offers. It could help you to fill last minute appointments. Your mailing list can be used to reward your clients. It is a great back up to all of your other marketing efforts. All of this will help your business to stand out in the local area.

Things to remember!

+ Use a specific Email Marketing Platform or Customer Relationship Management System. This keeps all the information safe and complies with Data protection rules.

+ Think about what your subscribers are expecting to get from you.

+ Do not ‘spam’ people or pass details onto third parties.

+ Make sure that you have an unsubscribe option on all of your emails, so that people can choose to leave if they want to.

So Mailing Lists are a great tool as part of your marketing. It is something that you should really consider doing. If you do not know where to start I can help. I have various options available from setting up and running it for you to getting it all ready for you to do yourself. Depending on how much time you have available will depend on the option you need.

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