Loving Yourself and Your business to Great Health and Wealth

Posted: 6th February 2019


There are many reasons why we set up a business. Whether you and your business are here for the short or long term, is determined by many factors, isn’t it?


I have created 10 simple and helpful points to help you establish if you are in love with your business, what this means and how this can help you take your next steps in to great health and wealth.

I’d better tell you a bit about me, so that you can understand that I am just like you, on a journey with my passion which became a business.

My business now serves and supports many people around the world and also supports the lifestyle that I have chosen for myself.

It has all stemmed from a place of love, self-love, which I have extended in a way that serves others to achieve the results that they wish to achieve in a simple, effective and magical way.

For me, I have to love what I do.

If you don’t love it, how will you sustain yourself and your business when things get tough?

In my mind, a business is an extension of me. It supports the things that I love and I absolutely love me.

I throw in a in a note of caution here too. There is a fine balance between doing what you love and creating a successful business that is sustainable now and in the future.

I am now running my third successful business since I started my first one in 1999. I fully departed the world of employment in 2004.

It’s been a journey and a half and it gets more exciting by the day. Whilst of course being laced with plenty of challenges to overcome along the way.

I am a Spiritual Entrepreneur.

Spiritual to me means living in my heart. This means that I live my life and my business in response to the whispers in my heart, from a place of love.

I have run my own business for twenty years from this place (my heart) alongside continual training by some of the best business and spiritual coaches and mentors on the planet right from the start, to ensure that I have been continually learning and supported to apply knowledge, evolve and respond to the ever-changing market place.

This has given me a fantastic blend of business, wealth and health strategies. So that I can continue to be in love with myself and my business, every step of the way. Love and business strategies blended together make as great team when you wish to thrive in all areas of my life.

In the last 12 months, I followed my heart and crafted my life and business around doing what I love whilst simultaneously refining the way that I can help teach others to solve their own problems at an accelerated rate so that they too can overcome overwhelm, stress or burnout and experience the higher-level results that they desire in all areas of their lives in a balanced, enjoyable way and it worked:

  • I moved to Cyprus for 8 months to locate myself in a climate that I loved so that I could sea swim in the sun shine every day.
  • I tested my online coaching programme in a different time zone to the UK for 6 months and it worked, as the next step to help revolutionise health & education systems globally. It worked.
  • I created space to not work for 6 months to write my debut book F.R.E.E.D.O.M. – Break Through Limitations, Tap in to Truth, Live your Purpose. It became an international #1 Best Seller on Amazon in December 2018. Here’s a link: https://www.racheljenkins.online/freedom/
  • I received an invitation to speak on Fox TV in New York about my work in 2019.
  • I have been invited by a client to wrote my next book near New York, run a retreat and book signings – all organised for me.
  • I earned five figures three times in less than 6-months last year through my coaching, by following my heart, doing what I love and simultaneously helping and serving hundreds of people to learn how to become their own best coach, solve their own problems and achieve the results that they dream of in their lives at an accelerated rate.

When we start out on the incredible journey of running our business, we can get fooled in to thinking that because we love what we do, that everyone will want it.

When talent meets passion, magic can happen. In the world of business, we have to understand how our talent and passion will help and serve others. What problem does it solve?

If you start off by being in love with your business, but it does not solve a real problem for people, then it may have a finite life, because you may not be able to upscale your business and you may get stuck in the day to day aspects of something that you used to love, that has got nowhere to go.

The passion and love for your business will soon disappear, because the market may not be there for what it is that you offer or alternatively, if you do not love your business enough, you will just stop doing it.

That is what happened with my second business. Turnover was okay. Final accounts in 2014 were £77,000 turnovers during a 6-month period (seasonal business). I did not love it enough to keep any energy attached to it and it did not sustain the lifestyle that I wished for myself. So, I sold it.


Here’s some thoughts, questions and tips to consider and help you decide whether you are in love with your business or not and what this means for you:

  • Imagine how you will feel in 10 years’ time if you are doing what you are doing now in terms of your business i.e running it and doing everything it takes to ensure it continually grows.

Obviously, it will be an evolved version of your activities which are in alignment with the integration of everything that you have learned and applied during that time about your business and you may not fully have that picture yet, as you have a ten-year process to go through, where all sorts of things can happen.

  • Gauge your response. Does it light you up with excitement and joy? Does your energy increase just at the thought of it or not? 1 being low 10 being off the scale YES, YES, YES!!!

If you do not feel enthused and excited about the prospect of doing what you are doing now in ten years’ time, then you are clearly not in love with your business right now.

If you hit nearer the 10 mark and a “Harry Met Sally” Yes – then you you’ll be feeling pretty good about things right now. It’s a good fuel.

  • TOP TIP: Remember this: “Everything that we do is to feel a certain way”. What elements of your business light you up like a Christmas tree and fill you with lightness, love and joy, just at the thought of it?
  • If right now, you do not feel in love with your business, then what needs to change? and what can you do about it next?

In my mind, you are your business. Being in love with your business is like being in love with yourself. This is really important because I believe strongly that the feeling of love fuels and heals us, mentally, emotionally, physically. It is one of the essential ingredients for our business to thrive and of course us as individuals. It sustains us.

Be thoroughly honest with yourself:  What hope has your business got if you do not feel lit up, enthused and energetic at the thought of jumping out of bed every morning and taking action on an aspect of your business that requires your attention on any given day? You are it’s driving force. Yes, sometimes there are things that we have to do that are outside our comfort zone, it’s part of running a business.

Future vision & Inspiration tip: When you get to the point that you can enlist someone who can help you with that aspect of your business that is not your forte, so that you can keep growing your business through your own unique gift(s), it feels extraordinary.

So, keep going and find a way to get help to close a skill gap if your need it, in any ethical way possible. Hitting a “skills gap with no finances to pay someone” does not need to be a problem. Last year, I exchanged £10,000 worth of direct service for services that I needed to help me grow my business with others who benefitted from my services to help them super jump their live quality and business.

  • The truth of the matter is that sometimes doing what you love just isn’t enough in the world of business because the love which you may have experienced in the first place may have vanished through the many processes that are involved in getting your “love” to market and to thrive and support you in all ways – financially, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Now consider this instead: You are fully supported and have all the knowledge and expertise at your fingertips that you need to establish how to transfer the initial love of your business, which may have started as the extension of a “hobby” or a thought such as, “I am good at that so I will do that” or “I am made to run my own business so I am going to do what I love” in to the ability to run a thriving business which meets all of your financial, lifestyle, emotional, mental and spiritual needs easily?

As you consider this, and notice, how does that feel now? Has your energy and motivation increased in this now moment, just at the thought of thinking that it is possible to have the exact support around you to help you take your next step, so that you can fall back in love with your business again (if you are not already that is) or even more in love with your business if you have realised from reading this that you still are J

  • Identify which part of your business you love.

Ask yourself, is this activity enough to create the basis for a thriving business, meet my financial needs and simultaneously maintain my energy and enthusiasm for life?

If it’s not, then consider what has to change and create a new plan of action. What support do you need?

For me, it is connecting with my clients live each week, teaching them how to solve their own problems and witnessing the transformation and results that show up in their health, finances and relationships day after day, when they follow my lead.

Yes, it does meet all that is important to me in my life. A flexible business that delivers high value to my clients with at least 4 hours a day to myself doing what I love outside of the business environment, (yoga, walking, sea swimming, catching up with family & friends, being there for my daughter) with weekends off. Travel to different countries and enjoying being a pioneer and leader in my field of work, internationally.


  • Top Tip: Be thoroughly honest with yourself. Does the love for what you offer, REALLY serve the needs of others? What problem do you solve for others? If others do not “get it” and you have not yet found a way to help them understand how your goods are service can help them, nor found a system yet to ensure that this is financially viable without you working every hour that God sends, then very soon, the love for what you do will fizzle out, because it cannot be a sustainable extension of yourself in the market place and perhaps you need to reconsider whether it simply needs to be your hobby, so that you can fall in love and stay in love with what is your passion and generate a viable income via another means.
  • Looking on the bright side: If you, like me felt a bit deflated by reading some of what I just wrote, then get excited, it just means that you may simply have some knowledge gaps to identify and close, decisions to make and work to do.
  • Stepping up: the quality of your life is determined by the questions that you ask. So, ask yourself this, “if my business and the love that I initially had for it was channelled in such a way that it could support the lifestyle that I wish for myself and was fully aligned with my core values, what is important to me, and I had all the knowledge to make it succeed, would I be in love with my business then?
  • If the answer is yes, then it simply means that you are on the right track and all you need is to find the right support to close your skills and knowledge gaps to help you understand how to weave the love for what you do in to a sustainable framework that works in the marketplace.


And guess what, you are in exactly the right place as a WiRE member, part of an incredible national network, because many of the skills and knowledge that you need to access are sitting right inside this network.

The WiRE network can help you thrive and stay connected with the love you have inside you and your business, to ensure that it works on all levels so that you can keep it that way.

I co-founded WiRE Pembrokeshire in 2009 and co-ran it until October 2017, when I left for Cyprus to write my book and test my online coaching programme in a different time zone. It was one of the best things I have ever done.

Here’s to you and the success of your business. Keep going in whichever way your heart directs you and remember to get the support, knowledge and skills you require from others who have been there before you to help you with your next step, especially if you are stuck.

Conquering your next step, however scary, can be the biggest and best breakthrough you need that can propel you to wherever you need to be next to succeed now and in the future.

Please feel free to reach out and contact me on Rachel@racheljenkins.online if you would like to schedule a FREE 30-minute call and experience a mini breakthrough which could help you get on track to enjoy your best year yet.


With love,


Rachel Jenkins

International High-Performance Results Coach and Mentor

#1 International Best-Selling Author