Let’s Hear It for the Girls…

Posted: 11th July 2016

TanaWe are living in very interesting times.  With Britain’s exit from the European Union, the Prime Minister and party leaders standing down, we are all experiencing massive shifts that are leaving some of us feeling misplaced, disorientated and in total upheaval.

Some will have heard me talk of the global rise in female consciousness and how feminine energies are coming to the fore.  So it’s no surprise to me that we have two female contenders for the leadership of the Conservative Party, one of which will ultimately become our new Prime Minister.  Now hear me out.  I’m not banging on about feminism or who will inherit the seat at No 10 (and they’ll be no fear of one particular seat being left up for sure); it’s more a case of looking at what’s happening on a bigger scale.  Ruth Davidson heads the Scottish Conservatives, Nicola Sturgeon is the Scottish First Minister, Arlene Foster is Northern Ireland’s, Christine Lagarde is MD of the International Monetary Fund, Angela Merkel is ever powerful in Europe and Hilary Clinton is running for the presidency of the United States.  You could argue that with all these women, it’s sheer coincidence that they’ve come together at the same time or are they all the best of a bad bunch?  I was alarmed to hear recently that it will take 70 years for there to be equal representation in the Houses of Parliament.  Correct me if I’m wrong, I won’t be around to verify or otherwise.  Suffice to say women are making great strides but not quickly enough.

What I will say is the old paradigms aren’t working any more.

It feels like the decks are being cleared.  It feels like a massive shift is taking place.  I for one am feeling it in that my physical body is taking it’s time in calibrating with the phenomenal pace at which mother earth and the universe is moving.   I tell people that I’m sure I’m going to meet myself coming the other way soon and I’m feeling pretty shattered by it in the process.

Not all women are nurturers or good listeners (and I’m not being stereo-typical here) and not all women are born leaders but I feel mother earth is yearning for a feminine paradigm and leadership of a different kind.  We were all born from mothers so let’s see what these women give birth to in the coming years.

We don’t need a woman in trousers with balls in her handbag baying for ‘handbags at dawn’ to demonstrate her masculine leadership.  It’s her strong but loving heart that will move us forward, her resilience, her focus and her determination.  We need fresh insight and honesty.  We need something different bringing to the table and the table itself is in want of a good polish to rid itself of sticky, imprinted fingers.  Let’s not assume that will be the job of a woman either.

Whatever your political bias, we can’t ignore that a lot of the most powerful people on the world’s stage will be women.  The Dalai Lama himself said that “The world will be saved by the western woman”.

Let the cards fall where they may.  Whether you feel it’s the best of times or the worst of times, the winds of change and transformation are a’comin.  Interesting times indeed.

I’ll leave the last word to Lacey McMillan.  She put out her family’s wheelie bin as her local dustmen refused to collect it because it was too heavy.  Lacey is nine years old.  Enough said.

Let’s hear it for the girls…