Kick Your Business Into Gear!

Posted: 28th July 2014

What makes a business able to grow?  Do you feel that the vision you originally had for your business has slipped away from what you have today?
Sometimes it isn’t a case of having done anything drastically wrong.  An in depth look at where your business is right now, looking at where you would like your business to be and then starting to fill in the gaps helps to regain that all important vision.
Having a strong financial and marketing focus to your business’s activities is essential in today’s marketplace. Planning ahead ensures you stay right on track to achieving those goals and vision for your business.
This was particularly relevant with a recent client.  She wanted to branch out into new markets but felt that her current business wasn’t the right ‘fit’ for these new plans.  There were a number of issues within her current business that were holding her back:

  • Fear of her financial situation
  • A lack of understanding of her figures
  • A poor relationship with her accountant
  • Lack of branding
  • Poor online presence
  • The marketing capability to achieve her vision

We were able to assist her in all of these areas and will continue to do so.  Once the fear went away, her attitude changed and she has embraced the new direction her business is now going in.  She has since taken the first steps to re-gaining control over her financial affairs and is well on the way to having a brand she is passionate about.  It is such a relief for her to feel that she is finally realising her vision for her business!
Anna Goodwin, a highly experienced accountant and author of ‘Accountants don’t bite!’ along with marketing expert Eleanor Piredda, will show you over 3 monthly sessions how to have hassle free accounting and strategically plan for your business.

  • Kick your business into gear!
  • Re-ignite your vision!
  • Re-focus your business plan!

Their passion lies in helping small businesses grow!
Starts 15th October!
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