Is Hypnosis all in the mind?!

Posted: 28th March 2017

Is Hypnosis all in the mind?!

I’ve recently been working with a very interesting trainer, as it’s most important to keep up to date with all the new information that is coming through from the world of neuroscience.

I use a mix of techniques when I work with clients, hypnosis being a very efficient process, and I find it very useful as a quick way of ‘by passing’ the conscious mind, which has a tendency to get in the way of what is really going on ‘under the surface’ in the sub-conscious mind.

Hypnosis is extremely useful, but rather misunderstood. The media has created a false image of people being made to run around like a chicken, or eating an onion, thinking it is an apple! That’s stage hypnosis.

Hypnosis is just a way to get very relaxed and go into a different state of mind. In fact, most people have been in a form of hypnosis at some time or other. It used to be called daydreaming or going into a brown study. That’s a form of hypnosis – an altered state.

This trainer is extremely interesting, as he works very quickly. In todays modern world, we are used to getting things quickly; McDonalds, Amazon, eBay etc. So when a problem arises that requires a form of counselling, coaching or therapy, many people believe it will take weeks or months to produce a result, and this is time they don’t have.

I recently treated a smoker, who was worried that if he didn’t give up smoking, he wouldn’t be fit enough to enjoy playing sports with his daughter, or be around to walk her down the aisle. He was amazed that it only took 20 minutes to turn him into a non-smoker! I used a mix of processes, but the hypnosis was the most useful on this occasion. I have also used it to great effect with OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) and to help a businessman get rid of his fear of public speaking.

I also use it as part of the weight loss programme The Placebo Diet. It isn’t actually a diet; it’s a way of thinking yourself thin. And part of the process involves meditations, using a form of hypnotic language – to help your unconscious mind make healthier food choices. By retraining the mind, you will make weight loss part of your life forever, and not a temporary process, to be repeated over and over again.

When it comes to making changes you thought were impossible, it really is ‘all in the mind’! If I’ve spiked your curiosity, Look at my website; or give me a ring and see if I can show you where you will find the answers to the changes I know you can make!