Introducing ‘Marketechnologing’ (Martech for short, but far less fun to try and say!)

Posted: 10th July 2017


By: Victoria Reece-Heal

Introducing ‘Marketechnologing’ (Martech for short, but far less fun to try and say!)

Growing a business is about making the right choices and taking advantage of the things that will help you grow. Two examples of this are marketing and technology. Both, independently, create amazing opportunities to springboard growth, but what about if you combine them?

Marketing + Technology=Marketechnologing (and loads of great opportunities!).

It’s part of everyday life.

Technology is a given part of a business’s day-to-day life – operations and communications – and marketing is happening all the time in your business, with or without your direction – every part of your business that interacts with your customers/stakeholders is creating an impression about your business. So harnessing the opportunities they can provide, separately or together, will massively boost your business development.

So this is ‘Marketechnologing’

Marketechnologing is the beautiful blending of marketing and technology and benefitting from the massive opportunities this can bring to your business. And guess what… you are marketechnologing already! Websites, social media, mailchimp, Google analytics, texting, Hootsuite, design tools, planning software, etc.

Understanding technology and how it can really help your business will enable you to market your business even more effectively.

Your technology effects how you do communicate and how you can communicate with customers – having the best technology to communicate quickly, clearly and effectively is key.

Customers use technology for more and more of their decision making – smartphones, ratings, reviews, comparisons, etc. So connecting with customers through the technology they use is critical.

Technology has changed how fast, how far and how targeted your reach can be.

How good is your marketechnologing?

So if your customers are using technology to buy and make decisions, are you using technology effectively to get in front of them? You need to truly understand the technologies you use (smart devices, social media, websites, mailchimp, etc) in order to understand the potential and how to harness the benefits for your business.

Growth will come with great marketechnologing.