In celebration of Strawberries

Posted: 3rd July 2018


By: Janet Cousins

In celebration of Strawberries

Today I have two reasons to celebrate.

  1.  Sticky Fingers Cookery Parties just been awarded the 5 star gold award from the Children’s Activities Association for our parties, workshops and clubs.  We have undergone rigorous scrutiny for our systems, qualifications and procedures as well as observations of a party. The CAA is a nationally recognised charitable foundation that is a kitemark for all children’s activity providers.
  2. As I am passionate about strawberries, I have to celebrate we are just receiving the season’s best at the moment and would like to share with you some information to help you get the best from them.

7 reasons to celebrate strawberries

  1.  They’re delicious.
  2.  They’re low in energy (calories).
  3.  They are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, and dietary fibre.
  4.  Like other fruit, they count towards your 5-a-day(80g, or approximately 8 strawberries, makes one portion).
  5.  They are versatile (see our tips above).
  6.  When in season, strawberries are reasonably priced. As well as supermarket special offers, check out market stalls for the best deals – you’re particularly likely to snap up a bargain at the end of the day. A pick your own farm might be worth a visit if you want a lot of strawberries and have one nearby.
  7.  They need little or no preparation.
  • Tip: Remember not to remove the hull before washing your strawberries, nor soak them for too long when you wash them, or they will lose some of their flavour.





Taken from the British Heart Foundation Website.  For more information go to their website