Importance of lunch (and Renew You)

Posted: 2nd February 2015

You’re the trainer who insists we take a lunch break“. I was delighted to be greeted by this in the introduction to one of my recent courses. Yes I hope I am known as the trainer who insists on self care. My passion is quality of services available to those who need them and equally passionately I believe that having a workforce that values and cares about itself  is an essential ingredient for good quality services and compassionate care.

Long hours and devotion to work are seen as essential criteria. Rather than living balanced and compassionate lives connected to families, friends and our communities. However WiRE members very often do want to be making those connections to their communities and the environment as well as those whom they care most deeply about.

So I am pleased that I can unite with other Renew You trainers and offer women safe, nurturing spaces to develop their potential as well as making links with other women. It is a prerequisite of my Renew You course that lunch,  as well as the time to eat it in, is provided.

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by WiRE Member Penny Sturt