If It’s Good Enough For The Queen…

Posted: 11th July 2016

When you work in deals & promotions every day you soon spot effective ways to attract new clients to your business or entice customer loyalty. At Topdogdays we’re quick to identify the best deals for our readers & feel we can all learn something from how larger businesses attract their customers.

Come back deals

Give your customers a reason to return to your business by offering them a time limited come back deal. You’ve probably seen the likes of Alton Towers or Warwick Castle offering popular discounted return visits. Heck, even Buckingham Palace offers free return visits so if it is good enough for the Queen then it’s time to get involved.

Loyalty Cards

We’re probably all aware that research has shown that it costs 5 time more to acquire new customers that it does to keep current ones. Businesses of all sizes can introduce a simple reward loyalty card that offers enticements to encourage your existing clients to come back again. Everyone loves to be rewarded for their repeat business and often doesn’t have to cost you too much if you’re creative with your perks.

Associate Networks & Trade Organisations

Whilst the likes of Thorpe Park & Go Ape can negotiate hefty discounts for NHS staff, why not take a leaf out of their book & look around at which organisations you belong too. We all belong to WIRE to start with!

Referral Rewards

Word of mouth is an effective tool in your marketing mix that can have a strong reach to potential new customers. You’ll see large businesses such as Merlin Attractions offering attractive family & friends rates to passholders to encourage you to spread the word. Why not offer incentives to those that are effectively doing your job for you to encourage them to speak a little louder.

Make Use of National Promotions

Tie in with national promotions to gain extra coverage for your business for very little outlay. Be creative with your connections, (we’ve seen large visitor attractions tie in with National Vegetarian Week), and use social media effectively to magnify your exposure.


Frankly it doesn’t matter what you are celebrating, it still gives you a chance to shout with joy about your business particularly if you tie this in with an imaginative promotion to broaden your exposure. We’ve seen businesses offering a return to original entrance charge prices, (you can cap it), use promo codes that are linked to the celebration or even a slice of birthday cake. It gives you another reason to go out to your customer base and celebrate your successes.