How to Get Paid in Advance

Posted: 22nd May 2017

How to Get Paid in Advance

Now you might have your own methods of payment and if they work, do stick to them, as it’s your business and you know what is best.

But what I have found over the years is actually getting paid in advance, is all about courage and being calm, cool and collected.

So if you have the courage to say “my payment terms are payment in advance”, people often just pay you, it is just asking nicely.

What tends to happen is people get a bit emotional and they go “oh, um, I wonder if you wouldn’t mind at all, could you possibly, pay me in advance” and that sounds a little bit desperate.

They think oh I wonder why they would ask that or people go the other way and get defensive, and even possibly angry. “My payment terms are payment in advance” and people might think oh I wonder if there is a problem with their work because they want payment in advance.

Where as if you can just say nicely, calmly, my payment terms are payment in advance, often people will.

Which is wonderful as it is always good to get paid, particularly before you do the work is even better, or at the time you do the work.

As I said you know what is best for your business and so I ask you

“What could you in your business to get paid upfront?”

My name is Jenny Bracelin and I help people with their business and money.

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