How to fail at networking… it’s easier than you think!

Posted: 15th February 2016

By WiRE Member Aly Harrold

About Aly Harrold - Public Speaking Coaching in Kent and LondonSeptember arrives and we are all out there making an extra effort to get out and network. Two of the networking groups I regularly attend had a record number of attendees this past week. It reminded me of my Yoga and Pilates class which is always full to bursting with eager enthusiastic people in the first two weeks of the year. Then the numbers drop as the enthusiasm wanes.

If we want to be effective networker we do we need to commit to:


  • Keeping at it – be consistent
  • Know why we are doing it and have a goal we want to work towards
  • Following up with connections

Yes consistency is everything! Keeping our enthusiasm up and attending regularly is important because we build relationships and those relationships are what will create more business.

Know why? When we set out for a network meeting we need a goal in mind for example to connect with people who can help us grow our business, or to ask our associates for something. For instance I often ask at network meetings for referrals to speak at other networking events.

Keep your word. Make sure if you say you will follow up with someone you actually do it.

And most importantly each and every time we go out to network we can use it as an opportunity to refine what we say and how we sell ourselves.

As a coach for people who want to learn the art of public speaking, networking groups are always an interesting place for me as I watch, observe and listen to those who have their pitch fine tuned and those who have not yet realized how to do that.

There are some things you may want to consider:

  • Your message needs to be clear and succinct………nothing worse than a rambler who leaves you wondering what it is they actually do or offer!
  • Speak clearly, audibly and in an engaging interesting way ………this draws the listeners to you.Just considering these two things will increase your ability to be successful when networking.Networking is fun! It can grow your business if you know how to do it well. There is nothing more satisfying than referring someone to another associates business and then to find others are doing the same for you. What goes around comes around as they say!Get this New Year off to a good start and refine your networking skills. Good luck and remember:“Your Net Worth Is Determined By Your Network”