How many chemicals in your cleaning products?

Posted: 8th May 2018

Are the chemicals in your home making you unwell?

Do you realise how many chemical-based cleaning products you have in your home?

How many are there in your bathroom, your toilet, your kitchen?

How many plastic bottles are you getting through, believing they can be recycled?

One of the most popular workshops I run is about household cleaning.

I firmly believe that the cleaning products industry is in collusion with the pharmaceutical industry.  Off-the-shelf cleaning products are prone to making people very ill, which means people then buy medicines to make them feel well.  Win win for the chemical industries.

There is another way!

For years, I have been making my own cleaning products, I use all natural ingredients that are suitable for eating, and essential oils.  I have not bought a plastic cleaning bottle for years, as you can just re-use the ones you have.

My next workshop is Sunday 20th May, starting at 10am.  At only £39 per person, you get plenty of handouts, lots of education, and time and everything you need, to make at least 3 cleaning products that you can start to use as soon as you want to.

It’s my first one this year, and probably more to come.  We focus on using oils for the spingtime ailments like hayfever and sniffles.  There are 3 remaining spaces for this workshop.  I only have small groups so there is maximum engagement and learning for all the attendees.

Testimonials and feedback for these workshops is fantastic! (see below or look here).

If you want to be on the band-wagon of people who want healthy homes, then please book your limited cleaning products workshop place here.  You have nothing to lose and only great health to gain!

Best Cleaning Worksop testimonial so far:

“Brilliant workshop with the ‘Green Clean Queen’ Tracey Nixon today! Wholly recommend this…it could save lives! You wouldn’t believe what the commercial products are doing to us…going green IS the way forward and it comes with free health benefits, is environmentally sound and much cheaper than buying ready-made!”

If you would like to know more about the courses and workshops I offer, or just want to know more about natural health, I’m always happy to meet up for a coffee and a chat.  Just complete the form on this page and I’ll follow up and we’ll arrange a date.  Easy.

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