How do I know if I have birth trauma?

Posted: 24th April 2018


By: Kate Munden

How do I know if I have birth trauma?

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Trauma is anything that overwhelms our system. Often during the birth process we can be overwhelmed by fast paced events or things that we don’t understand happening around us or to us. We can feel out of control, vulnerable and frightened.

If you feel like you are not recovering from the birth you maybe one of the thousands of women every year who have Post Traumatic Stress symptoms.

What are the symptoms?

Symptoms of birth trauma can vary from feeling over anxious and panicked to numb and disconnected from the world. Even from our babies. These Post Traumatic Stress symptoms are usually associated with army veterans, but they commonly show up in every day life too. Sadly they often get misdiagnosed.  If you are concerned you can request our trauma questionnaire a to find out.

Who gets Post Traumatic Stress Symptoms?

Anyone! If your birth experience felt difficult and frightening and you felt that you or your baby might die it is entirely possible that you may have Post Traumatic Stress symptoms. It is NOT a sign of weakness.

Is there something wrong with me?

No! There is nothing wrong with you. These reactions are entirely normal and designed to keep you alive in stressful situations. We have internal monitors that turn on our stress responses, sometimes they get turned up too high and we need some help to turn them down.

What can I do?

At Delivering Mum we have designed a series of key programmes to help mums return to a state of balance emotionally and physically after a difficult birth. We also believe strongly that all the mums we work with are taught how to help themselves with self supporting skills they can take into their news lives as parents. Mums are vital to family health.

Taking the first step

With a new baby everything can seem too much. We understand. We offer our programmes in an easy to access format with a lot of clear easy to follow steps and plenty of specific individual and online support you can flex around your family.