Five Reasons to apply for business or industry awards

Posted: 12th June 2017

By: WiRE Team

JuluWhy enter Awards?

With fingers crossed, eagerly awaiting the results of the Herefordshire Chamber Business Awards; nominated in the Best New Business Category, Lucie and Julia from Julu Home have put together their Five Reasons to apply for business or industry awards

  1. To win or to be short listed for an award is publicity and recognition of your business.

We all want publicity so this is the top reason and to be shortlisted gives you the chance of some publicity, to win even greater opportunity.  Recognition of your achievements from outsiders or within industry can only help lift the profile of the company and with it bring in more business.  For a small company like ours it can help create a more professional appearance.

2. Makes you review your business where you have come from and where you plan to go in next phase of business

Time to reflect where you have come from and where you are going is well spent. Sometimes your greatest achievements can be unobvious to you as it has just been part of your need to grow or path your business needed to take.  The fact that it may have been a major turning point or amazing accomplishment can often be missed by you.

3. Research your own facts & figures

We regularly look at our Google Analytics but the process of selecting the data to show the judging team enforces you to analyse and clarify them in a new perspective.

4. Recognition will build confidence

Recognition of your product and or business, builds confidence in your business and within you.  Confidence is key, being confident and proud of your business and products instils confidence in your customers and suppliers.

5. Compare other business and their achievements.

Now with this increased confidence in your business you are more able to compare and stand alongside proudly with other business’s. This gives you opportunity to look at other ways to do things and see how others have overcome obstacles, which business life is full of.

Have a go you have nothing to lose.