Easter Feast or Famine?

Posted: 26th March 2018

Easter Feast or Famine?

Why does it have to be either? How to avoid the usual bear-pits and that beckoning easter bunny.

Get organised

Thinking ahead can help us to stay in control. Just the thing for those huge family get togethers when we’re faced with all kinds of delights grinning up at us from groaning tables.

Try some of these ideas coming up to, during and after a family ‘do’:


  • just eat normally. Don’t ‘save yourself’ for the event
  • eat a lighter lunch and/or limit yourself to light, healthy snacks ahead of the meal
  • keep said snacks and some fruit in your bag to avoid the temptation of those tasty little, and large (let’s face it), nibbles available on every street corner and with every milky coffee.

During a meal out or that family buffet:

  • have a quick scan of what’s on offer to help you make wiser choices
  • control how much you eat by setting yourself some ground rules like having only one small treat, or putting only three things on your plate
  • once you’ve selected, if you can, move away from the buffet – out of sight out of mind
  • if nuts, crisps and olives are a-calling from overflowing bowls all around you, try telling yourself you’ll only eat when you’re sat down. It’s not an outright ban, and it might stop you from guzzling, oops I mean grazing.

What to eat? Well we’re not going to dictate. But we’re going to suggest that you:

  • avoid the empty calories like pastries
  • keep the carbs low and go for something with protein
  • keep the alcohol in check. Try alternating with a non-alcoholic drink or diluting your regular snifter with soda.


  • Use some of the holiday time available to go for a long walk, or a longer walk than usual. The exercise, and the sunshine will do us all a world of good. It’ll burn off some calories ready for the next bash
  • It’ll also help you sleep better, which in itself can help you to keep control on what you’re eating because you’ll be feeling less frazzled
  • When you get settled for some ‘me’ time, don’t be tempted to scoff your easter eggs all at once. Decant some into a pretty little dish and park the rest elsewhere.

Simples. We’re full of good ideas. Give us a call so that we can help keep you on track during the Easter feasting festivities.

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