Does my business need HR?

Posted: 9th July 2018

By: Lisa Hornik

Does my business need HR?

When is the right time to consider hiring an HR practitioner for your business?  How big does it have to be?  How many employees?  What does HR do anyway?!

Here is a brief summary of just five of the benefits of getting some HR input into your SME (for the full version of this blog see the link below):

  1.  Get Employee Administration right – it isn’t always advisable to give employee administration to someone without an HR background as there are a number of legal pitfalls even around job offers, for instance.  If you do, get them a mentor.
  2. Policies and processes that help managers – HR can often be seen as the ‘police’ when it comes to handbooks and policies, but a good HR professional can write policies that help managers to manage rather than stop them from doing their jobs.
  3. Advice when things go wrong (or before they go wrong) – HR can be a sounding board and trusted advisor when a tricky issue comes up, and can keep you legal.
  4. Creating a positive motivating environment – engaged happy staff will work harder and help you achieve your business goals.
  5. Helping you plan and realise business growth – it’s not just about recruiting more staff, the culture can change when businesses grow – HR can help you plan how to make this a positive transition so you don’t lose your loyal employees along the journey.

It is worth considering getting some HR input into your small business even if you don’t need a full time employee.  There are HR Consultants who can offer flexible cost-effective packages.  If you would like a no-obligation chat about how best to meet your HR needs contact Lisa Hornik at Marches Business Consulting for a chat.  

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