Do You Still Love Your Business? Cut The Guilt Trip When Taking Time Out

Posted: 15th January 2019

I set up my business 9 years ago on a part time basis.  I loved every waking minute.  Every spare moment I spent researching websites, learning social media, writing blogs and making plans.  9 years later I still love it but some of that novelty has worn off.

What do I love?

I love the flexibility it gives me, the better balance between work and personal life was one of the reasons I took self employment, but its not easy to achieve the optimal balance.  The creative side of my business involves occasional evening and weekends, yet popping up to the local gym in the middle of a so called working day still causes me to guilt trip.

So What’s The Solution?

I’m a big believer in compartmentalisation, a psychological term that can be applied to work/life strategies.  Its commonly used to segment different aspects of my life, so I ensure I block out sections of my calendar for gym activities.  I know I’m going to work the odd evening so I schedule that too, I’m still working about 30 hours on an average week – its enough for me and no need for guilt.

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