Do Introverts Make The Best Speakers?

Posted: 6th February 2017

Do Introverts Make The Best Speakers?

Do you enjoy having time to yourself and is your best thinking time when you are alone? Alternatively, do you love meeting new people and feel isolated if you have too much time on your own? If you are nodding in agreement at the first statement, you probably have introvert traits but if you are associating yourself with the second, it’s more than likely you are more extrovert.

Introverts are:

  • Good Listeners
  • Extremely Focused
  • Enjoy Studying
  • Committed To Their Goals
  • Creative and Inspired
  • Lovers of Solitude

Extroverts are:

  • Life and Soul of the Party
  • Talkative
  • Gregarious
  • Friendly and Approachable
  • Act First Without Thinking
  • Enjoy Being the Centre of Attention

Misconceptions About Public Speaking

It’s quite often assumed that extroverts make great speakers. It sounds quite plausible as they feel comfortable in front of people and they seem to exude confidence and conversely introverts must surely make poor public speakers as they tend to shy away from group situations and voicing their opinions. However, this is a real misconception. Many of the world’s greatest orators have been classified as introverts. The following makes for quite a list, Ghandi, Winston Churchill, President Barack Obama, Eleanor Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.

Introverts have wonderful strengths and these strengths support them greatly when applying themselves to speaking.


An introvert’s main focus is to look inwards as this inner world is stimulating and rewarding. When it comes to giving a speech, preparation is paramount and introverts tend to enjoy writing and can almost lock themselves away until the speech is ready. With no distractions and they can focus totally on the job in hand.

Physically, they can also be in great shape as their calm persona and lack of desire to seek company allows them to eat properly and sleep well. They will more than likely conserve energy before giving a speech by relaxing with a good book. You might find the extrovert is up all night partying, enjoying the company of others and their appearance the next day might reflect this and their energy levels could also be severely drained.

The Speech is for the Audience

An extrovert can be so focused on themselves that they forget that the speech is not about them. The objective of any speech is to get the message across to the audience expressing the benefits to those listening.

Introverts Do Not Necessarily Shy Away From the Spotlight

The Huffington Post in an article originally published on August 20th, 2013 identifying introvert traits includes the following:

“Giving a talk in front of 500 people is less stressful than having to mingle with those people afterwards.” It goes on to say that, “Introverts can be excellent leaders and public speakers – and although they’re stereotyped as being the shrinking violet, they don’t necessarily shy away from the spotlight.” Performers like Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera and Emma Watson all identify as introverts, and an estimated 40 percent of CEOs have introverted personalities.

Degrees of Introversion

As with most things, there are degrees of introversion ranging from being “extremely” introverted to people who are quite outgoing under certain circumstances and yet have “some” introverted tendencies. Extroversion is the same and neither personality trait is more preferable than the other as each embody great abilities.

The introvert can suffer with a louder ‘inner critic’ on their shoulder so may convince themselves not to step to speak.  Everyone suffers the same kind of nerves and apprehensions but for the introvert they can often feel even more daunted by the idea of standing out and speaking up.

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Even networking requires a certain amount of speaking, especially when you need to deliver your pitch.

Introverts have the capacity to be brilliantly effective speakers!