Destination Me™ programme

Posted: 20th May 2015

The World is Your Oyster! Are You Ready to Crack it Open with the Woman Power Dream Team Destination Me™ programme?

Do you hold a feeling that there is so much more to life and business for you? But don’t know where to begin to discover it? Creating your Holistic Vital Vision™ Blueprint is the cornerstone of the Woman Power Dream Team Destination Me™ Intensive 6 and 12 month intensive transformational programmes. 

The #No1 vital ingredient for identifying your true potential and achieving your fulfilled life Is Vital Vision™ entirely devised by Valerie Dwyer, the #1 and only worldwide VitsalVision™ Facilitator, Coach and Mentor. When at the cross-roads, poised for major opportunity,  inevitably there are too many rather than not enough choices. The hardest task is deciding which direction to take first and foremost to achieve the whole of your desire. Once this is absolutely clear everything that you really want becomes possible

Developed, updated and finely tuned over thirty years achieving successes with over 3,000 aspiring women entrepreneurs, the Woman Power Dream Team™ Destination Me™ Intensive programme in current form is a spin off from the book, Woman Power: Strategies for Female Leaders, co-authored by Serial Entrepreneur, Coach, Mentor, Author., Speaker and My Wonderful Life Coach™ Director Valerie Dwyer.

Her transformational and neuro-scientifically proven process, which guides and supports entrepreneurs as it takes them out of their Comfort Zone (the only way real and positive change can happen) works and clients rave about it and the speed at which their desires, whatever they may be – from more clients, to higher sales, greater cashflow and charging what they are worth, become realities. So much so that rather than hoping for a clone, Valerie is now structuring her programmes to recruit and train specially selected women entrepreneurs who have been through the process themselves and are interested in complementing and enhancing their own coaching, training or related business that is all about helping other entrepreneurs achieve major success. Within the programme structure there is still room to tailor make every programme to every individual, following a free one-to-one exploration session.

The programme elements include:-

  1. 1.     Dedicated 1-2-1 facilitated Interactive Vital Vision Blueprint™ Process
  2. 2.     Brainstorming Strategies – ‘Naming and Shaming Obstacles & Befriending Resources’©
  3. 3.     Strategic Planning Overview & Topline Strategic Action Plan
  4. 4.     Implementation Coaching, Mentoring and Support including access to Valerie’s Little Red Book #Vital Vision Dream Team™, (for which the opportunity to become an active member of the Woman Power Dream Team™ helping other women may materialise in 2015) Inner Circle of Entrepreneur, Personal and Self-Development Gurus and Resources, VIP invitations, Special Offers and Opportunities, Newsletters and Affiliate, JV and Promotional Opportunities

Valerie is also available for speaking engagements which can be adapted to your business or organisation, and book signings for Woman Power: Strategies for Female Leaders, which includes a complete Chapter on her VitalVision™ process. To find out more about programmes and opportunities email Valerie

Clients say:-

Karen Oehme Visionary Director at Vital Women Academy  “Valerie is an amazingly resourceful business woman whom I consulted with for her holistic visionary, leadership and strategic business expertise. Valerie has a unique approach to strategic visioning, which not only clarified, focused and directed my business plan and ideas, but energised the seeds with water and the sun, helping them to blossom. Valerie has a calm, very nurturing, yet savvy approach. I highly recommend Valerie, who has a rapid ability to make things happen. You feel empowered and deeply supported. Thank you so much. I very much look forward to working with you again in the future”

Karen Williams Inspiring Ladies to change their Lifestyles; Network Marketing Professional, Trainer and Speaker; Live, Love, Laugh Ltd “I was at a cross roads in my life! I had worked with Valerie in a previous life and had always been inspired by Valerie’s vision, enthusiasm and integrity.  After a one to one session with Valerie I embarked on a visualization workshop with her that was extremely powerful and enlightening! I do believe that when you visualize you materialise your goals and dreams. Valerie however took me on a journey out of my Comfort Zone!  But I left the Universe with belief and it delivered! My business has grown and I have helped 1000’s of people save money and make money  and so much more achieved! Thank you Valerie”

Julie Anne Hart  International Intuitive Leadership Coach,Thank you so much for you guidance and support.  I feel amazing, like I have taken a huge shift and I am so ready to be out there. It’s changed everything Valerie and I have now set up a new business”.

Nikki Sharpe Chief Executive & Founder, Youth Can Achieve & UK Extraordinary Woman of the Year 2010 “Valerie is a brilliant coach and business person and I highly recommend her to you”