Delight your Customers

Posted: 7th December 2015

What sort of customer experience are you providing?

It’s estimated that around 25% of UK customers stop doing business with a company due to a bad customer experience.

Over 90% of customers identify word of mouth as the best and most reliable source of information and nearly 80% who have a negative experience with a company, tell others about it.  And guess what?  Around 80% of consumers say that ‘word of mouth’ is what most influences their purchasing decisions.

Beyond knowing that your product or service is great, how do you make sure that your team delight your customers at every opportunity?

Here are my top ten skills and most-needed attributes which all staff who have daily interactions with customers should master:

1.) Be an effective listener

Number one for a reason – because it’s central to understanding the customer

2.) Be a clear communicator

Being able to effectively communicate with the customer is vital, whether verbally using clear, customer-friendly language, or in writing, using accurate spelling, grammar and wording which is customer-friendly and appropriate.

3.) Be attentive

How can you prove to your customer that you’re attentive?  Using personalised responses shows your customer that you’re listening and truly ‘hearing’ them.

4.) Show patience

The ultimate customer experience skill, especially when dealing with angry or upset customers.

5.) Be able to use positive language

Phrasing is everything and will affect how positively, or negatively, your message is perceived.  Compare “No, we don’t have any, sorry.”, with “I’ll have some in tomorrow, we’ve run out just now, I’m sorry.” (“Shall I keep one aside for you?” etc).

6.) Exercise self-control

No many how many times you’ve carried out the same transaction or answered the same query, remember that this has no bearing to your next customer.

7.) Have persuasive speaking skills

Even more than just being attentive, be persuasive in your language and put your customers at the centre of the interaction.

8.) Be good at time management

Work in effective ways so as not to waste your customer’s time, or your own.

9.) Be able and prepared to take responsibility

Be sincere about apologising to customers when you need to and be ready to put issues right efficiently and quickly.

10.) Be willing to improve and learn

Keep your antennae up, make learning from customer experiences a daily habit.

Not everyone need be a ninja, or a guru, but staff who interact with customers, should aim, persevere and reach high!

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