BiS Government Guide to Small Business Support

Posted: 23rd February 2016

By: WiRE Team

Helping small businesses – What support is there for a small business?

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This guide is aimed at people who work with businesses or work in Government and have frequent contact with small businesses. It summarises public schemes and advice available to businesses and also sets out where further information can be found.

Guide to the Government’s Business Services – What is it?

This document sets out the Government’s national (English) business support service. It is intended as a guide to be used by you and your organisation to signpost businesses to relevant areas of help and support, if the occasion arises when meeting business.

Why have we adopted this approach?

Government’s aim is to explore all channels, both nationally and locally and public and private, in raising awareness of business support, especially to small business, to ensure a consistent and reliable message to business and especially small businesses.

What’s the benefit for you?

This directory is a tool that can be used to supplement the help and guidance that you offer to business. It should make your job easier, by pulling together useful information in one place in addition to your own tailored service.

You do not have to recreate this information, potentially saving you costs which mean your resources can be used elsewhere.

What’s the benefit for small businesses?

Using the information in this directory will mean that businesses receive consistent advice about what support is available, no matter where or who they turn to for such help.

They will be signposted to information that they need, such as, guidance and schemes that can