Being naked doesn’t get you noticed.

Posted: 21st March 2017

Being naked doesn’t get you noticed.

Have you ever noticed how many vans on the road are just plain. Are these people’s car-substitutes or are they a business vehicle? Pretty sure most of them belong to a business, but what business? Could it be a business offering a service you are currently in need of? Guess we’ll never know…

Advertising is an investment, and often not a little one. Most forms of advertising have to be planned to run at specific times and in specific places to get maximum impact – when your customers listen to the local radio, where they drive past a set of billboards, within the right section of the local paper they read…

Advertising on your own company vehicles will give you an amazing advert that runs 24 hours a day, every day of the year and will be visible all over town, the county and beyond.

So why wouldn’t you wrap your company vehicles?

Costs too much

–          It’s not that expensive, have you actually got some quotes?

–          Think of the cost of placing an advert to run in one issue of you local paper. One time hit versus an advert that will run and run and run 24 hours a day every day, every week, every month, every year (well, at least till it needs a refresh)

–          The relatively low outlay will be made back in enquiries (sales generation)

Different size and style of vehicles

–          Vehicle wraps can be done on all makes and models of vehicle

–          A good design will be adaptable to different sizes and shapes

Only one company vehicle

–          One vehicle = one advert running every day in multiple locations being seen by loads and loads of different people

Our name and number are on our vans – that’s enough, isn’t it?

–          It’s a start, but not enough…

–          Get noticed with graphics and colour

–          Be memorable through visuals and key messages

–          Promote different services not just your generic business (flooring specialist becomes sales, fitters, laminates, slate, wood, tiling, design, etc.)

Vehicles needed all day

–          Most companies will fit wraps around your schedules

So no more excuses. Go on, get a quote and then get a fantastic advert designed to get you noticed and your customers contacting you… and be adventurous (stand out).