7 Key Astrology Themes for 2016

Posted: 2nd January 2016


By: WiRE Team

Hello WIRE Women, I’m Cassandra Eve and my business Whole Woman is about inspiring and supporting women like you in your bigger vision. I’m passionate about our potential! Astrology (not the stuff you see in newspapers) is one of the main systems I use to facilitate deep insight, self-understanding and inspiration for my clients. As Beautician Di said recently “It’s incredible!’ So here I am, sharing the key energy themes of 2016 with you, as inspiration and support for your 2016 vision. Enjoy!

Energetically 2016 is a year of slowing down and living well. It’s about embodying our deepest values and vision in the hustle and tussle of everyday life; walking the talk in the smallest ways and with consistency. Start the ball rolling with these places for reflection. See where they take you in your New Year reflection.

  • Letting your heart be the compass for your life this year….
  • Upskilling; becoming the expert in your field; self-care and good body-mind health practices …
  • Allowing a bold vision to guide you but practical step-by-step actions to ground it…
  • Slowing down; reflection, re-organisation and re-structuring….
  • Developing flexibility in the face of challenge .…
  • Getting your sparkle on!
  • Cultivating tenderness and compassion…

Astrology provides an energetic map of the universal ‘weather conditions’ arriving on Earth. It’s not a predictive art like the very general picture you see in the newspapers but a blueprint of what makes you ‘you’, also revealing the energetic rhythms and processes pertaining to your life now. Understanding your map facilitates a more conscious response to life. It provides a bigger picture of the energetic conditions in which you’re living your life. Much as a sat nav allows you to navigate more easily when driving, because it ‘sees’ what’s coming up, your astrology map opens up your perspective. You still have choice about where you’re going and when, but in understanding the greater potentials, you can make your journey a more enjoyable and smooth experience. If you’re inspired to discover more about the energetic flow in 2016 why not pop over to my website www.beingwholewoman.co.uk and download my FREE 2016 Guide ‘11 Key Questions to Ask Yourself in 2016’, or take a look at my Facebook page ‘Whole Woman’ for daily insights. Here’s to a brilliant 2016!