Are You A People-Pleaser? – Learn To Say No.

Posted: 29th October 2018


By: Carolyn Trafford

We live in a stressful world, you’re busy, I’m busy, yet how often do you say “Yes” to someone when you really wanted to say “No”?   It’s so easy to say ‘Yes’ it slips off the tongue and it avoids any conflict.  It makes for a quiet life.

But does it?

You’ve just added one more thing onto your to do list.  Another item to add to your stress and what do you have to not do to fit in the thing you’ve just agreed to do for someone else?

Saying “No” is in fact as easy as saying “Yes”.  What creates the challenge or the fear is the reaction you may get from the other person.  Its the “Why” question.

“Why can’t you help?” – They’re basically saying that what you’re doing is less important than their request.  So how do you respond?

We often fall into the trap of going to great lengths to explain our position and justify our actions.  There’s no need. Here’s something you could try:


Words & Images copyright Carolyn Trafford 2018

“I’m really glad you felt you could ask me to do ………, however I am unable to help you today”.

It’s, short, sweet and to the point and very unlikely to be argued with.  Why not try it this week?

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