Applying the art of Hygge to Self Employment

Posted: 6th September 2017

Applying the art of Hygge to Self Employment

I was given a lovely book for Christmas on Hygge (pronounced Hue Guh, to rhyme with sugar) – the Danish Art of Happiness, and it got me thinking….  How can the art of Hygge be applied to the self employed, particularly Solopreneurs?

Is there an opportunity to bring that cosy, peaceful, effortless, everyday happiness and well being to your home office? I think there is, so I have come up with some ways you can find magic in the ordinary.

Embracing Hygge in your Day to Day Work

  • Working in your Dressing Gown

It may not be very work-like but it’s a lovely feeling just to get up, have a shower, put on your warm and cosy dressing gown and just turn on the lap top to start work.  No decisions about what to wear, no make up, no hair sytling – well not until later in the day when you need to go out.

  • Enjoying the Non-Commute

It’s a great feeling looking out of the window at the miserable weather, hearing the traffic problems on the radio and knowing your commute is no further than a few steps to your office where you can start the day stress free.

  • Creating Calm

Turn off your phone, radio or TV, stop checking emails and social media and put on some calming music. It will help you concentrate and let those creative juices flow!

  • Being Social

Self-employment brings the flexibility to enjoy a catch up cup of coffee with a friend or business colleague during the day while it’s relatively quiet. You can (and you probably do…) catch up in the evening so just enjoy the break, I often feel inspired by a friendly chat and a bit of encouragement.

  • Sharing your Workspace with your Pet!

I think a lot more people would be happy if they could take their dog or cat to work… it is well known that stroking a cat or dog can make you feel better even lower your heart rate and blood pressure.  It may be difficult to stop the dog lying on your feet or the cat draping itself round your neck or treading on your keyboard, but ultimately, it’s just nice to have some company that demands very little from you.

  • An Inspiring Workplace

Hygge is very much about creating the right ambiance and this is a lot easier to do in your home office then when sharing space with others. Plants and flowers, some treasured present or heirloom, some pictures of those you love and warm lighting are all ways to improve your working environment.

  • Getting Close to Nature

A short walk round the garden, a cup of tea outside, even looking through the window and taking time to look at the sun, the clouds, your garden or listen to the birds is another way to improve your mood.

  • A Sneaky Snack

A healthy snack or a comforting hot drink can give you a boost and you can make the day more Hyggelig (pleasurable). Especially if you are checking your emails or making a To Do list at the same time.

Thinking about embracing Hygge for your home and office means surrounding yourself with things that mean a lot to you, that make your feel comfortable and doing small things that make you feel good. When you think carefully about the objects you have chosen and doing things in a mindful way then you will truly have embraced the Hygge lifestyle!