8 things to do when your computer goes down that will benefit your business

Posted: 11th May 2015


By: Helen Culshaw

Isn’t it scary how reliant a lot of us are on our computers these days? We don’t even think about it most of the time, then suddenly along comes the power cut / computer virus / network failure, and… what’s left? Many of us store our contact details on the computer, all of our work, our email archive, and use the internet for vital business processes, and when the computer goes down for whatever reason, we feel bereft.

This happened to me recently, but actually, once I calmed down and thought about it, there were actually a lot of things I could do without my computer – and many of them were things that I would never normally have got round to doing – including writing this article! So, 8 things to do when your computer goes down…

1. Catch up on those phone calls

I hope you don’t store all your contact details on the computer… Dig out those business cards and start calling round all those people you always meant to call, but never quite got round to it…

2. Get the filing done!

OK, it’s rather boring and none of us ever want to do it, but you know your desk really is a bit of a mess, and once you’ve cleared it, just think how much easier your job will be once your computer is back up and running and you have a nice clear space to work in

3. Get strategic

Many of us are so caught up in the day-to-day business of keeping our clients happy, the Inland Revenue off our backs and food on the table that we don’t look at the bigger picture. Dust off that business plan that you consigned to the drawer two years ago and have another look. How are things going – really? Where could you improve? Do you need to take another look at your direction, your pricing or your service model? Use this time productively to think ahead.

4. Write an article

If you’re an expert in your subject area, then writing articles or giving presentations can be an excellent way of building your reputation. Pour it all out onto paper. There are many websites (including this one) that will gratefully publish helpful, good quality articles on business topics – this is an excellent way of marketing your business. You could also write a presentation that you could present to potential clients, or use to take advantage of speaking opportunities to promote yourself further.

5. Do some market research

These days we tend to rely on the internet for a lot of our information on competitors, or prospective clients. But there are so many other ways of getting information – try your local library for business directories or statistics, or the big yellow directory stuck down the side of your desk for information on prospective clients. Buy some trade magazines or the local newspaper and get up to date with the news!

6. Get some feedback

Ever wondered what your clients think about you? Well, now you have time to ask. Put together a little survey – get their ideas on how your business could improve further, what you’re doing right, and what they’d like to have more of. If your computer is still out of action when you’ve done this, you could even phone them and survey them over the phone!

7. Run some errands

Running out of paper or envelopes? Got some invoices to post, or someone you need to visit? Well, get out there and do it!

8. If all else fails…

Take a break! You’ll feel better for it and, when you have your computer back up and running, you’ll be raring to go!

Helen Culshaw, Ascendancy Internet Marketing
Got any more tips on what to do when your computer goes down? Email them to me at helen@ascendancyinternetmarketing.com

Eight useful things to do without using a computer