7 Reasons why I love working for myself

Posted: 5th July 2016

By: WiRE Team

Holly-10a2By Holly Hinton

Being self-employed can be lonely, difficult, testing, frustrating, all-consuming and downright scary, especially in times of financial uncertainty like we are facing here in the UK at the moment – but I wouldn’t change it for the world!! After 13 wonderful years out of the corporate rat race I finally feel like I am finding my niche and simply love what I do.

So, to combat all the scary media stories and doom and gloom, here’s a light-hearted look at 7 reasons that I LOVE being self-employed – in no particular order:

 A fresh bunch of flowers makes everything feel better

#1.  Flowers

I love flowers, what more can I say! They brighten up any space so keeping a bunch on my desk at all times is a really great way to lighten my mood and keep me focused. It’s also a great perk of working from home because I get to enjoy them all the time – not just while I’m in the office. Oh, and I’d never have bought them for myself when I was employed but probably would now…

#2.  Flexibility

My kids are my world, so working around them has always been really important to me. Building a business that I love and that fits in with school, activities and holidays has been paramount. Having the flexibility to change the way that business looks from one week to the next is the real flexibility of working for myself.

#3.  Freedom

I like to do things my own way (no shit Sherlock) so having the freedom to change my mind (I also do that a lot too) and go in any direction I choose is über imporant to me. Why work for myself if I’m going to follow everyone else’s rules anyway? Nah, better to be free and do things in my own unique way! It’s also the freedom to say what I want about topics that are important to me. When you work for someone else you have to censor what you say on social media and even in social situations – but I don’t answer to anyone so can make my feelings known – and often do!

Footwear is super important to successful self-employment#4.  Footwear

My converse are my favourite shoes – EVER. So being able to wear them to a meeting or when seeing clients is perfect. I often walk to local meetings in town so they’re practical as well. I do have some funky heels too, but no longer own a pair of boring black court shoes. Life is too short to disappear into a sea of suits again…

#5.  Fun

I get to have lots of it! I’m super good at switching off and letting myself have some fun. Whether it’s with my kids or with friends, I completely get that there needs to be a balance in my life for my business to run at its best. Self-care falls into this category too, and I no longer apologise for taking time out to do what I love – after all, it’s why I work for myself in the first place!

#6.  Friends

I get to see them and talk to them more! Seriously. I’ve got a lot of friends who also work for themselves so we make sure we take a break every once in a while (see #2 and #3 above) and catch up over lunch during our working day. We sort out our worlds, get out of our houses, laugh a lot and set the world straight. Just a few hours gives us so much extra productive time when we eventually do make it back to our desks. It also lets me catch up with my mates in Australia without feeling guilty that I ‘should’ be working.

Feng Shui helps my house and my business#7.  Feng Shui

Now, I’m no Feng Shui expert, but I know about the flow of energy and how it can have a huge impact on your environment. When you work for yourself you can create and maintain a space that reflects your personality and your beliefs. This photo is my current ‘kitchen altar’ (as my kitchen table currently doubles as my desk) and it’s a space I maintain with affirmations, cards, crystals and candles that mean something to me. At the moment it’s really yellow & gold focused as I’m manifesting BIG TIME, but it changes often depending on my mood. Not something I could ever do when I worked in an office.

So, there you have it. My 7 reasons  I love working for myself – and all starting with an F and no mention of my favourite F word!!! Blimey, whatever next…