6 Top Tips For Search Engine Optimization

Posted: 26th April 2017

1. Supporting Content

Evidence suggests that content supporting your main web pages can be beneficial, particularly if you can include relevant inbound links.  So whilst selling theme park tickets remains a fundamental aim of our popular Alton Towers Tickets & Deals page, we also provide information on lockers, parking, fastrack tickets & ride photography at Alton Towers that all link back to our main ticket page.

2. Ignore Google Plus  At Your Peril

Whilst Google Plus is a social medium many of us like to ignore, we should never forget this remains an part of the Google family.  Posting regularly within the Google Plus platform should always remain part of your SEO strategy.  Remember to include keyword hashtags and link to relevant pages on your site.

3. Engage, Engage, Engage!

An integral part of our SEO strategy at Topdogdays is to engage with our readers as without a doubt this has boosted our rankings through the years.  One of our top performing pages relates to 2 for 1 Vouchers for Merlin Attractions that currently holds 738 comments.  These queries are generally from readers looking for clarification on the terms & conditions of these vouchers so be helpful and use your knowledge to your advantage.

4. Content Is King

Content remains king from a SEO perspective and I firmly believe that you cannot go far wrong with relevant engaging content posted on a regular basis.  Whilst you may have a plethora of keywords & phrases in mind, use them sparingly, writing primarily for the human rather than the Google bot.

5. Backlinks

Backlinks have seemingly been at the forefront of fruitful SEO since the year google & should remain an intrinsic part of any strategy.  One may be correct is thinking a sprinkling of links back to Topdogdays from a reputable site such as WIRE could be a motivating factor here today!  Look for high quality sites where you can forge alliances to offer niche content that is valuable to both parties.

6. Title Tag

Give some thought to the title of each page you create on your site.  Title tags remain an important factor within any SEO strategy as they indicate to both humans & bots the nature of content to be found within the post.  Look to place your keyword(s) at the beginning of each title tag remembering to keep both content & title unique.

Liz Walsh writes for Topdogdays that provides information on deals & days out on a budget.